The French Healthcare association at ESMO : photos and fallout of the event

Paris, September 9, 2019. With 5 of its members, the French Healthcare association was present at the conference of the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO), from September 27 to October 1, 2019 in Barcelona, in the form of a collective stand.

Three cancer centers – Antoine Lacassagne (Nice), Léon Bérard (Lyon) and the Paoli-Calmettes Institute (Marseille) -, the online continuing medical education company Invivox and the Cerba & Barc biology laboratories represented the French excellence in oncology care during this event which brought together some 27,000 health professionals.

A collective action that is part of the work of the Cancer Working Group of the French Healthcare association, led by the Deputy Director General of the Center Antoine Lacassagne, Loïc Mondoloni. “Our presence at the ESMO congress, under the banner of French Healthcare, is an opportunity to communicate on our work around the reception of foreign patients in France, the presentation of a complete organization for treatment in networked oncology with identified partners, and the gradual formalization of a training offer for foreign professionals”, he says.

In addition, European and international cooperation is being built between researchers, scientists and doctors who meet and share projects at these congresses. However, their health facilities must come into contact later if these projects are to be realized. Being present at ESMO facilitates this second stage by starting to prepare the future partnership agreement directly on the spot, by sharing the necessary information (the principal coordinates of the actors of each establishment, the steps to be taken), all in order to to simplify and speed up the negotiation time”.

By the end of 2019, a website will enable foreign patients (as well as practitioners and insurers) to access the care offers specific to their pathology, offered by the member institutions of the French Healthcare association.

For its president Jean-François Gendron, “the fact of associating within the French Healthcare association companies, health institutions, actors of training and research, is one of its great originalities and one of his great strengths”.


Press Release : Press Release French Healthcare ESMO – 9092019


Photos and fallout of the event :

Loïc Mondoloni, deputy general director, Antoine Lacassagne Center (Nice) :
“If the Antoine Lacassagne Center’s presence at the ESMO conference was sometimes considered in the past, it had never been implemented. Renting a space to install a stand is indeed expensive, and the expected profit remains difficult to evaluate. But when the French Healthcare association validated the principle of setting up a collective stand at the Barcelona ESMO congress by identifying French health establishments and companies, it did not seem conceivable not to participate in the adventure.

The result was more than conclusive, to the great satisfaction of many members of the stand.

It must be said that our presence at first surprised many laboratories and congressists who, many, came to meet us during the 4 days. The companies present were able to report on their projects, technologies and techniques in order to offer them to foreign researchers and clinicians. As for the establishments, the primary interest is that they have made themselves known, as well as their peculiarities as their specific technical platforms. And it is clear that this has aroused many interests.

In the end, many discussions took place, both in terms of international partnerships and the construction of joint projects. The business cards were exchanged, in the perspective of contacting each other to materialize all these exchanges very soon.”


Anne Miermont, project manager international development and partnerships, Léon Bérard Center (Lyon) :
“The French Healthcare stand has allowed CLB to promote its international expertise to visitors to the show, and in particular to doctors of many nationalities. The capacity of international patients in a dedicated cell has led to exchanges with doctors from countries seeking partnerships for the treatment of complex cases. The Center has also been able to promote its many training courses accessible to international doctors. Finally, the stand was also a meeting point with the industry, partners or potential partners of the Center on technological solutions or clinical trials.

In the end, the French Healthcare stand highlighted the opening of French institutions abroad. It is an important lever for collectively developing the France destination as a therapeutic holiday destination.”