H4D’s Consult Station® on the front-line against the spread of Covid-19

H4D’s Consult Station®, a fully connected medical booth, can be installed and operational within 24 hours.

H4D, a leading company specialized in clinical telemedicine, is joining the international effort to fight the global coronavirus pandemic by offering healthcare facilities, local authorities, and senior residences a fast, efficient and reliable solution to facilitate patient care. The Consult Station® not only allows patients to take their own vital signs, but also to carry out teleconsultations with a doctor through a videoconference. These teleconsultations are done with the assistance of all the instruments and sensors necessary to perform a clinical examination, a diagnosis and a prescription if necessary. The Consult Station® is a Class II medical device, certified by the CE and FDA and uses strict hygiene and sanitary requirements with a complete bio-cleaning between each patient visit. H4D is also fully compliant with legal and regulatory requirements for hosting and safeguarding personal health data.



All essential physiological measurements taken autonomously by the patient in less than 5 minutes, 24 hours a day, to facilitate covid+ patient flow management, and protect medical staff.


The connected medical booth is the only telemedicine solution that allows all essential physiological measurements (temperature, blood oxygen level, heart rate, blood pressure, weight, height) to be taken autonomously by the patient in less than 5 minutes. The device therefore quickly identifies patients at risk awaiting diagnosis in the emergency department, while limiting contact times between these patients and the medical staff. The Consult Station is set up in under 24 hours in a dedicated room within the emergency department or a modular structure outside the emergency department entrance.

Emergency department of the Vert-Galant Private Hospital (Ramsay Group) in Tremblay, France, installed since March 17, 2020


Facilitate patient care and orientation in the ED by integrating the H4D connected medical booth in the emergency waiting room, in the specific Covid+ patient care path.

How does it work?

The patient first enters a tent outside of the emergency entrance for an initial screening using a standardized questionnaire (“do you have coughs, fever, worrying respiratory signs? Etc.”). If the patient reports at least one critical symptom, they are sent to the Consult Station® medical booth to autonomously take their vitals. They then receive a printed report of his measures, which medical personnel can use for further evaluation and possible medical care if necessary. The solution will also soon be used also for medical teleconsultations.


  • Protection of paramedical staff (limitation of physical contact with patients)
  • Saving nursing time, thanks to the patient taking its own vital signs
  • Early identification of patients with desaturation and prioritization of medical care
  • Savings of medical materials like medical gowns, masks and gloves
  • Standardization of the data collected within the patient file

Key figures from March 17-30, 2020:

  • Total number of patients screened in the booth: 364
  • Average number of screens per day: 25 (33 excluding weekends)
  • Average duration: 4 :32 minutes (Min : 1min – Max : 11min)
  • Measurements taken: temperature, blood oxygen level, heart rate, blood pressure, weight, height



A medical teleconsultation to facilitate the management of covid and non-covid patients and maintain care continuum, while protecting medical staff.

While telemedicine has proved to be an important tool in the fight against covid-19, many commercially-available solutions are limiting physicians’ scope. By presenting to a telemedicine-powered physical point-of -care, the patient can carry out a teleconsultation with a doctor by videoconference within the H4D connected medical booth. The doctor can, thanks to the variety of the measuring instruments and sensors present in the medical booth, perform a clinical examination, make a diagnosis and, if necessary, issue a prescription.


Red Cross Medical Center, Villeneuve La Garenne, France, installed since March 20, 2020


Enable under-privileged community residents, to consult a doctor in the telemedicine booth to maintain care continuum for common pathologies and facilitate the diagnosis and treatment pathway for Covid+ patients.

How does it work?

The Consult Station® is installed in a dedicated exam room within the health center and allows patients to be seen by providers trained by H4D in the practice of clinical telemedicine. Patients first call a dedicated Covid-19 phone line where a nurse conducts an initial phone assessment to determine the need for further evaluation. If screening is required, patients are told to present to the Consult Station® booth so they can be examined by a remote provider using a variety of medical instruments in the booth.


  • Access to a doctor in the case of overwhelmed local medical resources.
  • Protection of paramedical and medical staff (limitation of physical contact with patients)
  • Separation of care paths for symptomatic Covid-19 and asymptomatic patients so that patients do not meet



A medical teleconsultation to relieve hospitals and medical offices and thus guarantee the continuity of care for non-covid patients.

Local governments are mobilizing to ensure continuity of care for common pathologies in their communities. Health professionals are concerned with the possibility of a secondary wave of co-morbidities associated with patients with chronic conditions who go unmonitored or untreated during the pandemic.

The H4D connected medical booth allows patients with chronic diseases (in particular patients with diabetes, heart conditions, or hypertension) who require regular monitoring with clinical examinations to have access to a telemedicine provider outside of traditional health treatment centers to maintain their continuity of care.


Rosny-sous-Bois (France) Town Hall, installed since April 2, 2020


Enable residents of Rosny-sous-Bois who do not have covid symptoms to consult a physician and maintain access to care, while removing the burden from health systems and other acute facilities.

How does it work?

H4D’s connected medical booth is installed at Town Hall and allows local residents to consult a doctor under the same conditions as a face-to-face consultation. Patients are first screened by phone by a nurse. If the patient does not present covid-19 symptoms, they are scheduled for an appointment in the booth for a teleconsultation.


  • Provide continuity of care for non-covid+ patients, particulary those suffering from chronic conditions.
  • Alleviate the burden placed on increased patient admissions at area health systems
  • Prevent contamination of healthy patients by keeping them away from traditional care centers



A medical teleconsultation and an autonomous mode for patients to take their own vital signs for senior residents to monitor their health.

H4D has installed their connected medical booth at senior residences to provide an on-site point-of-care for remote clinical tele-consultations. Senior residents can autonomously check their vital signs in the booth to facilitate their ongoing care or consult with a live telemedicine provider on-demand without leaving the premises or coming in contact with a possibly contagious provider.

Domitys Senior residences in Calais, France and in Blois, France, installed since November 28, 2019 and January 28, 2020, respectively.


Ensure continuity of access to care for managing common pathologies and chronic conditions for senior citizens, who are particularly at-risk of covid-19 complications.

How does it work?

Senior residents can make an appointment with a doctor in teleconsultation in the H4D connected medical booth or carry out an independent health assessment.


  • Access to a doctor on-site to reassure residents and monitor their health
  • Management of chronic pathologies requiring regular monitoring with clinical examination to adapt or adjust their treatment
  • Reduced in-person interactions with medical staff



About H4D:

H4D was founded in 2008 by Dr. Franck Baudino to develop the Consult Station®, the first reliable, secure and connected medical booth for remote examinations. H4D has developed proprietary and certified technology, operational expertise and leadership in clinical telemedicine to offer a complete service to patients and providers alike. We have conducted several thousand teleconsultations and independent assessments across corporate, government and healthcare settings and have deployed the Consult Station® solution in 5 continents.


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