ATA Medical installs its air filtration units at the Nakhon Phanom Hospital in Thailand

New reference in Thailand for ATA Medical, Hygienic Air Quality Expert and French Healthcare Association member, after visiting Nakhon Phanom Hospital in Thailand. ATA Medical has closed the sale of their compact and hygienic CLINICAIR 1B unit used for air filtration.

This unit will be installed in the hospital of Nakhon Phanom for the adaptation of an existing room into an ISO7 operating room. Installation of the sandwich panels and our central unit will be done by their local distributor. Thanks to the compactness of the CLINICAIR 1B, this unit will be installed directly in the room with a return and a supply of the treated air directly in the front of the cabinet allowing to reach a complete ISO7.

This comes after having visited 3 Hospitals in Bangkok, Koh Samui and Nakhon Phanom to assess the current air filtration installation and propose ATA Medical’s solution in the different operating room, ICU, and isolation room for infectious patient.

The ATA Medical team met the medical team of the Hospitals and discuss about the nosocomial infection and the international and French standard on air filtration in medical area (ISO 14-644 and NFS 90-351)

After this visit ATA Medical proposed the CLINICAIR® 1b Hygienic AHU for an ISO7 Operating room and the DOPAIR® 3000 Mobile unit with a negative pressure kit to create an isolation room for Infectious patient. Both of this unit manufactured by ATA Medical are using high air flow and HEPA 14 Filter to answer the international standards on risk area and drastically lower the risk of nosocomial infection. Those unit are also using the BIOXIGEN® technology to eliminate the microorganisms present in the air and the surfaces.

After visiting several hospitals in Asia, they could see that the surfaces disinfection is well known and applied but there is still a lack of investment in the air treatment system in hospitals to reduce particles, microorganisms and airborne infection. They’ve seen too often operating room with a simple AC and isolation room for infectious patient without negative pressure management. Their South East Asia manager is in contact every day with their local distributor to present the good line of conduct to follow regarding the management of the air treatment in risk area in Hospitals (T° / Hr% / Particles / + or – pressure / Microorganisms / Fresh Air / ACH etc…).

ATA Medical offers a complete range of product that can answer all needs and all standard requirement on air treatment in risk area from ISO8 to ISO5 with Hygienic AHU or with Mobile air purifier.

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