Spengler Group


Spengler Group is one of the leading French manufacturers and distributors of medical equipment.
Spengler Group operates in the market under its distribution brand GSH.

GSH distributes its own brands internationally:
- DDM > Tourniquets, pressure cuffs;
- Spengler > Blood pressure monitors, ECGs, stethoscopes, thermometers, monitors;
- Holtex > medical furniture and surgical instrumentation;
- ECM > Patient Warming Systems (Block and Recovery Room Heating Blankets, Cradles and Warmers for Neonatal Services);
- De Boissy: medical luggage

GSH also distributes a complementary offer (Mucus vacuum cleaners, monitors, etc.), the result of a partnership with leading manufacturers.

GSH supports its customers with 2 sales teams (France and Export), its manufacturing sites, a centralized supply chain, a digital after-sales service, as well as support services such as quality-regulatory, marketing, digital department...

GSH is ISO 13485 certified and has two manufacturing plants in France.


30 Rue Jean de Guiramand 13290 Aix-en-Provence, FRANCE

+33(0) 4 42 90 31 31

[email protected]

Featured products


Handheld sphygmomanometers

115 years of expertise has allowed Spengler to create handheld sphygmomanometers for health professionals searching for precision and comfort.

Mano-cuff Sphygmomanometers

With its Vaquez-Laubry products, Spengler combines tradition and modernity to offer even more precision for its health-care providers.

Electronic Blood Pressure Monitors

For its health professionals and patients, Spengler has designed electronic blood pressure monitors to help with the detection of hypertension.



Spengler’s stethoscopes are ideal for health professionals searching for a remarkable diagnosis performance.


Precise, intuitive and gifted with outstanding performances, Spengler’s electrocardiographs are at the heart of the innovation and development of GSH.

Monitors and Diagnosis Stations

At GSH, monitors and stations allow great spot checkings and continuous monitoring of the vital signs in hospitals, offices, emergency transports…


Medical furniture

Since 1986, Holtex creates comfortable and resistant medical furniture for health-care providers in order to equip medical offices and hospitals.

Surgical Instruments

Holtex offers more than 3500 references of surgical instruments, of which a selection are 100% in-store (ready to be shipped under 24h).

Medical bags

Trendy, practical and elegant, De Boissy has designed a new collection of medical bags for and with health professionals.