Remote Medicine France

Training organization specialized in prehospital, emergency, tactical, tropical and expedition medicine


Remote Medicine France is a training centre for healthcare professionals who work in austere, remote or hostile environments.

RMF instructors come from the civilian and military sectors, with a thorough knowledge of the constraints related to the management of patients in austere environment, with limited resources and extended evacuation times.

All our training courses are accredited by various international institutions.

The training provided meets the requirements of international companies and complies with current international standards.


8 rue des mimosas, 33160 Salaunes

+33 (0)6 73 27 50 78

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Featured products

Prehospital medicine

International Trauma Life Support

ITLS is internationally accepted as the training standard for the management of pre-hospital trauma emergencies.

High Threat International Trauma Life Support

This training has been designed for healthcare professionals, first responders, security services personnel, armed forces and law enforcement agencies to effectively treat victims in a deteriorating security context w…

Advanced Cardiac Life Support

This course is designed for hospital and pre-hospital healthcare professionals leading or participating in the resuscitation of patients in cardiovascular emergencies.

The course is designed to enable participa…