Medical concierge, advice for the reception of foreign patients, medical cooperation mission.


Transfair was created in 2005, as part of the "MORPHEE" emergency medical evacuation program initiated by the French Air Force. This historical activity has allowed Transfair to acquire an in-depth knowledge of both healthcare and medical transport fields. Along sides our MEDEVAC activity, we wanted to develop a medical concierge service allowing patients from all over the world to access the most advanced healthcare solutions that are not available in their home country. Putting our knowledge to good use, we also offer advice and support to hospitals wishing to develop their ability to welcome foreign patients. Lastly, we help organize medical cooperation missions to strengthen local teams and enable the transfer of skills and knowledge.


70 Grande Rue, 21490 Clénay

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Medical concierge

Therapeutic management

Taking care of the travel and medical stay for the patient and his companions and find adequate places of care and convalescence, until his return home.

Preventative care

We organize patients’ health check-ups (making appointments, administrative procedures).

Advice and support

Welcoming of international patients

Creation of a project group, definition of the stakes, objectives and inventory of the structure’s international activity.

Dedicated operational support and work on the structure’s site referencing…

Medical cooperation missions

Transfair facilitates the movement of medical teams within the framework of cooperation for the purpose of transferring skills or strengthening local teams.

We take care of the necessary administrative procedur…