Experience, Memorize, Repeat


Revinax offers an easy to deploy, comprehensive training and demonstration tool. An immersive learning solution for all complex gestures/procedures combining virtual reality and high-fidelity 3D first-person videos.

Our solution is based on several scientific factors:

Learning by imitation, instinctively realized through mirror neurons,

First-person vision: the more sensory channels we use simultaneously, the better we retain,

Video realism allowing learners to project themselves into environments that are not accessible to all, such as operating rooms and to better understand them,

Immersion in a virtual environment, boosting the learner’s level of commitment to achieve an optimal level of attention.


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Featured products

Immersive tutorials

Applied to medical devices

Effectively transmit know-how to future users thanks to the experience through the expert’s eyes, immersed in real-life settings (operating rooms).

Applied to nursing community

Health library with more than 100 immersive tutorials for care community (general care, surgery, anesthesia, emergency care, nurse’s aide).

Applied to industry

Effective tools for professional training and awareness of accident risks thanks to their realism and their strong sensory and emotional impact.