Innovative therapies days 3023

12octToute la journée13Innovative therapies days 3023The Innovative Therapies Days will make the connection between the academic and the industrial worlds: from research, to clinical trials, to industrialisation.

Détails de l'événement

The program of the previous editions was composed of the following subjects The 2023 edition will revolve around these themes, we will update the program on the website regularly to keep you informed.

CAR-T CELLS (2021/2022)
Chimeric Antigen Receptor T cells therapy (CAR-T) has revolutionized the course of disease of patients suffering from Refractory/ Resistant Hematologic malignancies. This success has now lead the FDA and EMA to approve rapidly these innovative cellular drugs. Based on these unexpected and impressive results, the world of cellular immunotherapy offers new perspectives.
The sessions dedicated to CAR covered a range of topics from research to the clinic through drug production.

IPS & MSCS (2021) / CELL THERAPIES (2022)
These sessions gathered experts in the development of IPS and MSCs cell-based and others innovative therapies to the clinic. IPs were discussed as source of hematopoietic cells or tissues and MCSs in the context of auto or allo-therapies or in rheumatoid diseases.
Speakers gave us feedback on difficulties and successes, and their view on the future of such approaches to ameliorate patients’ care.

This session gave us an overview of the regulatory guidelines defined for ATMP. Also, difficulties and success in the production of such products were discussed with concrete examples by people facing production and regulatory constraints.


Date et heures

octobre 12 (Jeudi) - 13 (Vendredi)(GMT+00:00)


Kursaal, Besançon, France