COVID-19: The solidarity collective that helps hospitals

AMW Health Investment is thankful to have been able to support the efforts of #ProtègeTonSoignant by providing good quality ultrasound equipment in this delicate period of fight against the COVID-19 virus.

The solidarity collective #ProtègeTonSoignant is a multidisciplinary team of doctors, medical professors, entrepreneurs, engineers, developers and artists who have an honest and admirable mission of helping caregivers overcome this tense actual situation. Thanks to the many funds they collect, they are able to buy every day all kind of medical instruments and equipment.

This last Friday, AMW team delivered and installed ultrasound devices in the Montreuil and Bicêtre hospitals in Paris. Specifically, two ultrasound GE Vivid S6 with cardiac probe and linear probe, and one GE Vivid i with cardiac probe.

Bravo to the volunteers of the solidarity collective who allow the health care professionals to keep protecting us with the best tools.

Together, we are stronger! Because a picture is worth a thousand words!