Stephanix wins the “Guaranteed French Origin” award in the export category for its D²RS radiology tables

On the 2nd of December, 2021, the “Origine France Garantie” (Guaranteed French Origin) certification awarded eight companies that promote French know-how and fight for producing their goods in France.

🥇 STEPHANIX, a French company specialized in medical imaging solutions and member of  French Healthcare Association, received the “Origine France Garantie” award in the Export category for its D²RS remote controlled radiology table.

The “Origine France Garantie” label was introduced to provide consumers clear information on the origin of products. The label guarantees that a product’s essential characteristics have been created in France.

This is a real recognition of Stephanix’s French influence and expertise internationally.

Did you know?

STEPHANIX D²RS remote-controlled radiology tables are sold nearly 50% abroad, and 50% in France.

To date, more than 800 D²RS radiology rooms have been installed throughout the world, with annual production growth of +20%.

Thanks to this certification, they are now eligible for hospital projects abroad financed by France. Moreover, the label “Origine France Garantie” reassures customers who cannot tell exactly where the equipment is manufactured. More and more customers of Stephanix are sensitive to the French manufacturing and production approach.

What is Origine France Garantie?

Created in 2011, the Origine France Garantie certification aims to defend and promote products made in France. It is the only certification that attests products French origin through annual audits.

Its principle is simple:

  • At least 50% of the unit cost price of the product is acquired in France
  • France is the place where the product acquires its essential characteristics

Why the Origine France Garantie quality label?

The Origine France Garantie quality label helps consumers in their choices, giving them clear and transparent information on the origin of products.

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