French actors in Medical Imaging


Medical imaging gathers different technologies intended to acquire or reproduce human body images. There are imaging solutions, strictly speaking, such as radiography (with all its application sectors), scanners, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), gamma scan, PET scan, ultrasound and bone densitometry. Added to this area are software imaging solutions (PACS-RIS-SIH), post-treatment solutions and, most recently, artificial intelligence, with many companies and booming startups.

The global market of medical imaging is one of the most dynamic segments of medical material. It accounted for €35 billion in 2015, with a high increase due in the next decade (Xerfi, Evaluate 2015).

France boasts internationally renowned companies and is a global reference in imaging with French expertise (French-Touch) recognized around the globe. In 2018, France was the world’s sixth largest exporter (GTA/IHS Markit) and exported €2 billion of medical, electromedical and electrotherapeutic irradiation equipment.

The excellence of french players supporting diabetic patients

They are actors in the French Medical Imaging Field