Sustainable healthcare waste management in Saudi Arabia – Tesalys and Sama Environmental Services sign an agreement 

Healthcare waste management in Saudi Arabia – The French manufacturer Tesalys signed an agreement with Sama Environmental Services Co., a company of the Saudi group ASG (Al-Sharif Group) for the promotion of Tesalys STERIPLUSTM and STERISHRED® shredder-sterilizers for biomedical waste in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

With a common goal of bringing a sustainable solution to the environmental impact related to the healthcare waste management in Saudi Arabia, Tesalys and Sama unite their expertise to deploy at national scale Tesalys’ innovative on-site treatment of the infectious waste.

Managing waste in times of Covid-19

The spread of Covid-19 pandemic has generated a significant increase of the volume of biomedical & infectious waste being produced at a worldwide scale, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is not an exception. While emergency waste management plans have been put in place, the issue of proper segregation and treatment of biomedical waste has become a subject of major concern for governments and the public opinion.

The pandemic highlighted the deficiencies in the current healthcare management systems and has triggered the need to develop emerging best practices and solutions to reduce the impact of waste on human and environmental health. In particular, the recent report published by WHO “Global analysis of health care waste in the context of COVID-19, February 2022” promotes the use of “non-burn waste treatment technologies”.

Tesalys and Sama Environmental Services Co. commit to the future of healthcare waste management in KSA

With the goal of contributing to the sustainable change in the healthcare waste treatment, Tesalys and Sama signed an agreement for the promotion of STERIPLUS™ and STERISHRED® shredder-sterilizers for sustainable healthcare waste management in Saudi Arabia.

The agreement was signed by Mr. Miquel Lozano, President of Tesalys and Eng. Saba S. Alamoudi, COO of Sama Environmental Services Co. during the recent Arab Health 2022 trade fair in Dubai on January 25th. 2022, in presence of Mr. Rimon Armanios, Business Development Manager Middle East of Tesalys and Mrs. Hager Ben Nasr, Trade Development Advisor in Saudi Arabia for the French Development Agency, Business France.

Healthcare waste management in Saudi Arabia
Tesalys and Sama signed an agreement for the promotion of STERIPLUS™ and STERISHRED® shredder-sterilizers for infectious waste treatment in Saudi Arabia during the Arab Health 2022 trade fair in Dubai 

« In SAMA we intend to inspire Vision2030 by promoting environmental values, meaningful utilization of surroundings waste turning it from an environmentally harmful product to an economically profitable commodity, also to lead finding qualitative solutions to the highest global standards, and we look forward to contribute in raising community awareness about their role in environmental conservation; basing it on The Green Saudi initiative »

Mr. Nawaf AlSharif, CEO of Al-Sharif Group

« At Tesalys we believe that the development of sustainable waste management solutions is not only about technology. It is also about spreading the knowledge of proper waste management at all levels, from governmental agencies up to the healthcare professionals that use our equipment. For this reason, we need to rely on a local partner that shares our values and has the ability to scale up our common vision. We are glad to announce our collaboration with Al-Sharif Group throught its specialized company Sama Environmental Services who opens us the opportunity for us to deploy our innovative STERIPLUS™ and STERISHRED® solutions in Saudi Arabia and enlarge our footprint in the Middle East region. »

Mr. Miquel Lozano, President of Tesalys

Reduction of 80% of the volume of infectious waste, tons of CO2 avoided with STERIPLUSTM and

Tesalys systems are compact, easy to install, ergonomic and easy to use and are designed for safe on-site treatment of the infectious waste. The STERIPLUS™ and STERISHRED® ranges include 5 different models with a treatment capacity of up to 100 kg/h.

The technology is based on a patented shredding system which reduces the volume of waste up to 80% combined with a steam sterilization at 135°C which kills all viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. The result is a safe, unrecognizable confetti that can be disposed of or recycled as domestic waste.

The impact on the environment is also to be considered: on-site treatment of healthcare waste with Tesalys systems generates 5 times less CO2 emissions than the current collection-transportation-incineration methods used.

For every ton of waste treated with our systems, 0.46 eqCO2 tons are avoided. As an example, if the whole volume of infectious waste generated in the world was treated on-site with Tesalys systems, we could save the equivalent of the CO2 emissions of 1 million cars per annum.


Sama Environmental Services Company, one of Al-Sharif Group Holding subsidies, was established in line of the Kingdom’s vision 2030, by national cadres specializing in the environment and recycling Sama is working to achieve the highest international standards and to be one of the best leading environmental companies in the kingdom, and seeking to create sustainable and integrated environmental projects and to be an example for our rivals.


TESALYS, member of French Healthcare Association, designs, manufactures and markets innovative systems for shredding and steam sterilization of biomedical waste, making it possible to eliminate biological risks at the point of generation.

TESALYS solutions, marketed under the brands STERIPLUS™ and STERISHRED®, are particularly intended for on site treatment of infectious waste in hospitals, laboratories, hemodialysis centers, medical centers, etc.

TESALYS technology is a safe and sustainable alternative to the “classical” way to deal with healthcare waste which consists in collection-transportation-incineration. With TESALYS solutions, the environmental footprint is optimized by reducing the volume of the waste and CO2 emissions. With its patented technology, its safe and efficient systems, ease of use and economical solutions, TESALYS has convinced the healthcare facilities in the entire world.

Designed and manufactured in St. Jean (Toulouse), France in an ISO 9001 certified plant and compliant to the most strict international standards, TESALYS equipment is today sold in more than 65 countries. Incorporated in 2012 by the current management team of infection control and waste management experts, TESALYS is an independent industrial SME with strong financial support from French institutions and financial investors.