COVID-19 : medical devices

Contribution to the inventory of French Healthcare companies with proven solutions that can be implemented in the management of the COVID-19 epidemic and patient management.

Air Liquide Medical Systems, Atlas Copco France, Axe life, Cahouet, Europe Endoscope, Germitec, Labelians, Novair, Physioflow, Technologie médicale

->Air Liquide Medical Systems is the Air Liquide Healthcare subsidiary dedicated to Medical Devices. The company designs, manufactures and markets innovative products in three areas: ventilation (ventilators and patient interfaces for intensive care, emergencies, transport, home), equipment for medical gases and aerosol therapy.
In the context of the Covid-19, the teams are very strongly mobilized, in particular in the manufacturing of respirators to meet needs in France and abroad
Contact : Nelly Santa Jorge   –   [email protected] 

->Atlas Copco France has been serving all key sectors of industry since 1947. We want to make our experience and strength of our structure available to the medical field during this crisis. Our company, which has an international reach, will be able to accompany you locally thanks to 34 authorized distributors spread throughout the territory.

Our compressed air, oxygen generation solutions are available to meet the needs of hospitals or clinics. We carry on producing oxygen generators in order to meet immediate demand. Our activities are federated by a common ambition: to offer the best choice, in terms of technology and service (100 technicians in France); to privilege reliability, economy of operation and respect for the environment.

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Contact : Jérôme Garrot : [email protected]

-> Axelife is a French company which develops, produces and markets pOpmètre.

pOPmètre is a class IIa medical device that measures pulse wave velocity in 20 seconds.

The PWV is a recognized marker of cardiovascular risk and its variation will give the possibility to detect and follow the most at risk covid 19 patients and thus facilitate the management in hospitals & Ephad.

Its variation is an indication of aggravation. The latest research shows that the risk of death was about 80% higher with patients with hypertension.Axelife was part in july 2020 of the fund to support covid-19 research & innovation by Nantes metropolis.

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Contact : Valérie Sauviat : [email protected]

->Cahouet has been a French manufacturer for more than 100 years of gas regulation equipment and in particular medical devices that allow the safe supply of medical gases to patients, essential for respiratory treatments and oxygen therapy linked to COVID-19. Two ranges of Cahouet medical devices are currently essential for hospital staff:

-The flow: flowers and flow meters that can connect to medical sockets or bottles, for the administration of oxygen (oxygen therapy), medical air or the N2/NO gas mixture (allowing vasodilation of the lungs and improving tissue oxygenation). Cahouet also distributes low-pressure hoses, essential elements for connecting respirators to gas networks.

-Relaxation equipment for medical gas networks: various high-pressure regulators installed according to medical standards (ISO 7396) allowing the rapid and secure installation of a network providing uninterrupted gas medicine. This equipment is currently essential for field hospitals and for increasing oxygen capacity in high-demand hospitals.

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Contact : Louis GORAND [email protected]

->Europe Endoscope, another subsidiary of the AMW group, specializes in the repair and sale of flexible endoscopy equipment of different brands. The company offers numerous devices such as bronchoscopes that allow visualization of the interior of the bronchial tree and thus facilitate access to peripheral lung regions for effective diagnosis in people with COVID-19Thanks to our expertise in the field of endoscopy, we are able to respond to all requests to help caregivers continue their various hospital activities.

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Contact : Amaury MASBERNAT – [email protected]

-> LABELIANS designs, manufactures and retails a comprehensive offer of consumables, equipment, devices for the laboratories, aimed at meeting any demand towards collection, sampling, analysis, and conservation processes.( blood, urinary, fecal, joints and bones samples …). Our offer outstanding quality guarantees samples analysis reliability and repeatability for our customers not mentioning comfort and safety brought to patients and biologists.

To face pandemic, we have simply activated the strong connections built with our manufacturing partners for 50 years to consolidate a robust supply chain of labs devices that our customers need to go successfully and smoothly through diagnosis and vaccination processes around the world.

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Contact : BOLLING Béatrice [email protected]

->Germitec, designs, manufactures and markets medical devices allowing UV-C disinfection of ultrasound probes (external and internal vaginal, rectal, transesophageal). It is a high level disinfection, effective against Spores, Mycobacteria, Non ‐ enveloped viruses (norovirus), Fungi (Candida), Vegetative bacteria (MRSA, VRE) Enveloped viruses. The advantage of this solution in particular in this context of health crisis linked to COVID-19 is that it is quick and simple. By pressing a single button, a probe is disinfected in 90 seconds. Thus, the risk of virus transmission between each patient is greatly reduced, without disrupting the workflow of the medical staff.

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Contact : Christophe Hammer [email protected]

->Novair cdesigns and manufactures systems for the production, distribution and monitoring of medical gases, including medical oxygen generators for the oxygen supply of health facilities. The generator allows the production of medical oxygen on the hospital site, on demand, from the environment. It relies on a proven technology, PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption), which consists of a separation of gases from the air through a molecular sieve capable of adsorring nitrogen under pressure.

The oxygen produced is registered with European pharmacopoeia and complies with therapeutic requirements in hospitals. This solution has multiple advantages for the Hospital, especially in times of health crisis such as that of COVID-19: autonomy and an end of logistical constraints: the Hospital becomes its own supplier of medical oxygen and no longer depends on the ability of an external supplier to deliver it; Reduced operating costs: The Hospital produces only the oxygen it needs and is free of any supply contract and the transport and rental costs involved; Enhanced safety: more heavy cylinders to handle, more storage of hazardous or pressurized fueling gases, and reduced environmental impact: no more comings and goings of polluting trucks needed to deliver oxygen.

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Contact : Valérie Bokobza, [email protected]

->Physioflow offers cardiac output monitoring systems to increase existing capacities in hemodynamic monitoring and volume management, essential in the management of patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). They are completely non-invasive (6 chest electrodes), miniaturized, small and light, cordless for some of them, reliable and easy to use. The patient cords are treated with a bioactive component limiting the survival of the germs on their surface. Our systems also make it possible to quickly and simply assess certain key elements of the patient’s cardiac function (systolic, diastolic insufficiency, etc.), especially in a context of tension in medical teams and reduced availability of sonographers. This could prove essential in the current crisis if the teams are saturated. Also, for the evaluation and monitoring of infected patients, hospitalized, but not yet in critical condition, the device allows early information on the deterioration of cardiac parameters for patients whose condition is worsening. Their employability was briefly tested during medical transport by helicopter and ambulance.

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Contact : Frank Bour [email protected]

->Technologie Médicale, specializing in oxygen therapy and aspiration for 40 years, is at the heart of the oxygenation and resuscitation treatments of COVID-19 and is committed to equipping all University Hospital Centers (CHU) with flowmeters and flexible to oxygenate their patients in respiratory distress and also in vacuum regulators to de-clutter patients with bronchial secretions in order to facilitate their ventilation. Very much in demand, Medical Technology designs and manufactures its medical devices in France, which guarantees perfect control of product quality. This strategic choice makes it possible to respond, with responsiveness and adaptability, to the current emergencies of French hospitals

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