Covid-19 : Transport and repatriation of patients

Contribution to the inventory of French Healthcare companies with proven solutions that can be implemented in the management of the COVID-19 epidemic and patient management.

Airlec, Atoptima, Bisom, C3Medical

-> Airlec is able to carry medical, domestic or international air transport, contact cases or confirmed cases COVID-19; confirmed cases in England have already been repatriated.

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Contact : Paul Tiba [email protected]

-> Atoptima is a software publisher producing modules for optimizing operations. This “DeepTech” startup is a spin-off of Inria and University of Bordeaux. Atoptima has developed a decision support tool to organize the transport of patients requiring hospitalization: care at home and transport to a specific care center. Objectives: reduce the time taken to care for patients in hospital; rationalize the use of medical vehicles; regulate the load level from one hospital to another. For the duration of the health crisis linked to COVID-19, Atoptima graciously offers to healthcare players the implementation of the tool (support in onboarding + personalization at the margins) as well as its use. Health transport players can express their interest in this application by writing to [email protected].

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Contact : Adrien Duruisseau : [email protected]

-> Bisom is a mobile application combined with a SaaS web application that connects, through digital, the actors of the medical emergency. Ambulances, firefighters, SMUR, EHPAD, Civil Security, Army are thus connected in real time to their medical regulation service of attachment, to third-party doctors experts and downstream service of hospitals to increase diagnostic efficiency, delay in implementation of care and optimize the regulation of the flow of emergencies. This medical emergency monitoring solution is developed in relation to the Northern UAS. Note two major features: followed by a medical regulator of health transport (live coverage of the patient’s situation – vital parameters, follow-up of gestures made, treatments implemented, transfer of images, diagrams, short videos -1mn); and teleconsultation in regulation (the regulator can contact the caller via BISOM and access the cameras on his smartphone to clarify the diagnosis). BISOM is a member of Clubster NSL (Hauts-de-France).

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-> C3 Medical. You need to organize a “bed to bed” medical evacuation for a patient with COVID to France, or to another country: C3Medical supports you from start to finish.
Created in 2011, C3Medical is a company specializing in the organization of emergency or scheduled care paths for international patients, from the 5 continents.

The company facilitates access to the best teams (depending on the pathology) manages, organizes and coordinates all the medical and logistical services of a treatment path.

Convinced of the positive impacts of technology on health, the company invests in innovative tools and processes to facilitate access to information, secure data, reduce travel, develop value-added services and to put the patient at the heart of the device.Based in France and Morocco, the company has opened representative offices in China, West and Central Africa and the Middle East with one goal : to provide access to medical excellence at the best cost. Our clients are insurance companies, private insurance companies, businesses, international institutions or individuals, who call on us daily to provide them with appropriate human and medical support of the highest quality.Beyond the organization of any MEDEVAC from all countries, C3Medical offers a complete offer in the field of international medical assistance including in particular: Access to the best hospitals; Logistics coordination; Medical or comfort support; Dynamic claims management; Linking with third parties and consulting.

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Contact : Jérôme Soistier [email protected]