Covid-19 : Hospital air treatment / disinfection

Contribution to the inventory of French Healthcare companies with proven solutions that can be implemented in the management of the COVID-19 epidemic and patient management.

Airinspace, ATA Medical, Azelies, Bioquel, BRC, Calistair, NatéoSanté, Mercate, Partnering Robotics, Quasar Concept

-> Airinspace® is a French Company based close to Paris. We develop, manufacture and sell high-quality air purifiers and automated surface disinfection systems for hospitals. Our products are labelled Origine France Garantie and are present in most University hospitals in France and more than 50 countries all over the world.

airinspace® air purifiers are :

  • Powerful: With a flow rate up to 2,500 m3/h, they decontaminate small and large spaces and quickly reduce the airborne contamination to protect people.
  • Efficient: They embed a patented technology based on microorganisms destruction associated with H14 HEPA filtration killing bacteria and virus like SARS-COV-2.
  • Quiet: airinspace®’s technology is advanced explicitly in the area. At the hospital, our units are present in patients room 24h/24 & 7d/7 and shouldn’t disturb nor keep patients from resting and recovering.
  • Mobile: They are easy to move and to install in any room without any structural work.

Contact: Stéphane Chatenet [email protected]

-> ATA Medical produces the dopair, Room dopair, Multizone dopair, ISOLAIR Isolation Tents and CTMP immunosuppressed patient boxes. Our units are currently delivered to more than 35 countries in the fight against COVID 19. Our units are used in isolation rooms, resuscitation and intensive care etc by their ability to treat large volume. Our technology is a combination of Hepa 14 filtration and decontamination via photocatalysis or Bioxigen with excellent results on microorganisms such as Viruses, Bacteria and Spores.

Contact : Boris Ebrahim [email protected]

-> Azelies distributes Novaerus air disinfection and decontamination equipment. Novaerus’ patented plasma technology has been tested by NASA’s Ames Research Center. Its action allows an ultra-fast elimination of airborne pathogens, bacteria, mould spores, particles, allergens and odors, but especially in this time of crisis, viruses. Novaerus plasma technology has been tested against the bacteriophage MS2, a substitute for SARS-CoV, demonstrating that this equipment reduces the airborne viral load by 99.99%. Designed to quickly address a high risk of infections, both mobile and lightweight, Novaerus air treatment equipment is relevant in operating rooms, intensive care units, dental treatment rooms, care homes or nurseries.

Compliant and certified, clinically validated, Novaerus equipment is used continuously and safely in the patient and staff environment to eliminate airborne contamination. They are trusted by hundreds of health care institutions around the world. For example: 14 NV800 devices were installed by the Dunkirk Hospital at the end of March 2020, in the rooms of patients with COVID-19.

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Contact : Louise Lepers : [email protected]

-> Bioquell has a full range of solutions dedicated to contamination control, ensuring its customers complete security of their process, improving their productivity and meeting regulatory requirements. In order to respond to emergencies and the Covid-19 outbreak, Bioquell offers its bespoke bio-decontamination service suitable for all types of facilities and volumes. Our hydrogen peroxide vapor bio-decontamination technology eliminates microorganisms on all exposed surfaces and is effective on Coronavirus (Coronavidae family see efficacy list). Bioquell has already intervened around the world on this type of contamination (SARS, MERS-Cov,…), or other such as Ebola and is currently involved in the COVID-19 epidemic. Here is our list of microbiological efficacy ( as well as a video of our bespoke bio-decontamination service (

Contact: Benjamin Morel [email protected]

-> BRC, French industrial company, based near Nantes, for more than 40 years ensures the design, manufacture and marketing of equipment for hygiene, treatment and disinfection of air. BRC offers a variety of equipment for professionals in the fight against COVID-19. (virucide disinfection cabinets; hydroalcoholic gel dispenser; fogging disinfection).


Our foggers propel billions of disinfecting micro-telettes with a venturi air nozzle. They allow complete disinfection of air and surfaces by air up to 300 m3, and is ideal for the pharmaceutical industry and medical sector.

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-> Calistair designs and develops high-capacity mobile air treatment units up to 4000 m3/h for the hospital setting. Our units are equipped not only with HEPA or ULPA filters but also with our Athermic Catalysis technology that destroys biological microcontaminants – viruses, bacteria and fungi – and VOCs with formidable efficiency.
To date we have equipped more than 80 hospitals as well as laboratories and clean rooms.

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Contact : Alain Hachet [email protected]

-> NatéoSanté is a company known for its expertise in indoor air quality for more than 10 years. It offers high-tech eco-designed professional solutions manufactured in France with a quality filtration system that meets health and hygiene requirements. It equips daily medical environments (hospitals, clinics, medical practices, EHPAD…) as well as professionals heavily exposed to indoor air pollutants. The EOLIS Air Manager air purifier effectively reduces the aerial spread of microorganisms including viruses such as COVID-19. It is equipped with a Biocide Prefilter (effective against the proliferation of bacteria and viruses), a high-density Active Coal Filter, (in order to retain VOCs – Volatile Organic Compounds – and Gases), an EN1822-4 Certified HEPA Filter (effective against fine particulate matter up to 0.1 m), UV-C germicides and an exclusive and controlled option with Active Oxygen that complements the virucid action. An exclusive patented feature allows it to measure and display in real time the effective wear of the filter to ensure optimal filtration at all times.

Contact : Xavier Blanc : [email protected]

->Mercate designed the evO2 solution to clean the air inside microbiological pathogenic species (viruses, bacteria, fungi) including chemical pollutants and odours. evO2 incorporates advanced Oxidation Technology (AOP), which is the result of 5 years of intensive research with CNRS and INSERM partners. This technology has been tested on a wide variety of airborne viruses and there is no doubt that SARS-VOC-2 can also be inactivated thanks to evO2. evO2 cleans up air between 50 and 150m2. In addition, its anti-microorganism activity ensures its constant effectiveness for 8000 hours. Connected device (by WiFi or LoRa network), its state of operation can be controlled remotely. evO2 installs in minutes, it is handy thanks to its wheels and easy to use without staff training. evO2 will complete the implementation of all tools and procedures to decontaminate the air and stop the spread of Coronavirus in health facilities, medical practices, consulting rooms, and waiting rooms. AOP international patent USA, CEE, India, China, Israel.

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Contact : Marie-Laurence Borie [email protected]

-> Partnering Robotics produces decontamination and air treatment solutions that are fixed, mobile and autonomous (covering very large areas), and based on high-level filtration of the H13 + / ULPA 15 type. The spectrum of pollutants treated in filtration and adsorption extends to biological compounds and microorganisms, chemicals, particles, and nanocontaminants. These systems are coupled with artificial intelligence to provide data used in the form of reports on treatments performed, performance indicators, and visual representations that reassure staff and patients. The air treatments are carried out continuously and the data produced in real time continuous per second. Partnering Robotics technologies are protected by 5 patents. The systems are deployed in France and internationally, particularly in places of activities, bedrooms, reception areas, waiting rooms and corridors. 
Contact: Ramesh Caussy – [email protected]

-> Quasar Concept produces TWINCRUISER®, a high-performance process for disinfecting surfaces by air. It meets the disinfection requirements/standards that traditional products now face. TWINCRUISER incorporates a dynamic diffusion system (venturi buse and on-board ozone generator). The equipment is used with a hydrogen peroxide solution (H2O2) and – if necessary – peroxone (O3-H2O2). Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a powerful oxidizer. It is more potent than dichlore (Cl2), chlorine dioxide (ClO2), and potassium permanganate (KMnO4). Hydrogen peroxide is widely used to contain dangerous infectious epidemics in different health environments.

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Contact : Vincent Menanteau – [email protected]