Covid-19 : hospital human resources and training

Contribution au recensement des entreprises françaises mobilisables dans le cadre de la gestion de l’épidémie de Covid-19 et de la prise en charge des patients.

Bone 3D, Invivox, Medelse, SPH Conseil,

-> Bone 3D a French medical 3D printing company that designs, develops and markets medical devices and 3D printed surgical simulators. To combat COVID-19, its biomedical engineers have developed an ultra-realistic pharyngeal rhino sampling simulator for health personnel training (in the context of PCR and antigenic tests). The particularity of this multi-material 3D printed simulator is to offer a strong anatomical realism as well as a sensory return as close as possible to the real in order to be trained in this gesture in the best conditions while avoiding the risk of forming on a human being. This simulator is currently used by many CHU (AP-HP, CHU of Strasbourg, Rouen, Grasse…), training centers, simulation or faculties of medicine and pharmacy.

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Contact: Rudy Suissa [email protected]

-> Invivox, a platform for the continuous training of health professionals, is at the service of caregivers to facilitate the dissemination of knowledge – experiences related to COVID-19. The offer is simple and free: just fill out a form ( and Invivox takes care of everything else: creation of the Webinar, publication on the Invivox platform, dissemination, technical management, registration management. Find the next webinars on the page:

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Contact : Julien Delpech : [email protected]

-> Medelse is mobilizing to help health facilities affected by Covid-19 nationally by making its recruitment platform and community of 30,000 practitioners available free of charge. The following specialties are offered free of charge until April 30, on vacation/mission daily, without any fees or commitment Medelse: General Practitioner, Emergency Physician, Geriatrician, Anesthesiologist-Resuscitator, Nurse IDE, Nursing Assistant. In order to send you the profile details within a maximum of 24 hours, we have opened our platform to all health facilities. Also you can send your urgent needs by providing HR information here

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Contact : Gaëlle Coquard [email protected]

Le cabinet SPH Conseil, subsidiary of the Fédération Hospitalière de France (FHF), has specialized for more than 10 years in the support of health professionals. Its SPH Campus, dedicated to training, management coaching and mediation, offers you volunteer support during this crisis situation, in particular by individual coaches and collective support provided by its team of professional coaches. Our recognized expertise covers the following topics: organizing and managing your team remotely – managing your emotions and stress (relaxation, meditation, sophrology, cardiac coherence) – maintaining team morale – resolve disagreements and tensions in crisis situations. 30-minute webinars dedicated to these approaches are being created.

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Contact : François Madelmont : [email protected] is a proven and available personnel recruitment solution for all health stakeholders. During the pandemic period, QAPA makes its teams and technology available free of charge to healthcare institutions (Hospitals, Clinics, EHPAD…) for the recruitment of permanent, fixed-term and temporary staff (1 month contract without charge). For all, QAPA is able to recruit all types of positions such as nurses, caregivers, maintenance staff, logistics or catering…  Let us know your need on QAPA.FR or +33 (0)9 8899 7000.  

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Contact : Julien Pommiers, [email protected]