Covid-19 : hospital waste management

Contribution to the inventory of the french healthcare companies that can be mobilized to manage the COVID 19 epidemic andtake care of the patients.

Ait industries, Bertin Technologies, Ecodas, STCF Equipements, Tesalys

-> Ait industries – World-renowned expert and manufacturer in the field of cremation and incineration of industrial or hospital waste, ATI Industries meets the most demanding standards of performance and smoke reprocessing, for faster, cleaner, safer operations. With more than 3000 installations in 60 countries, ATI Industries benefits from an unrivalled experience to create and install your tailor-made installation.

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-> Bertin Technologies has developed the Sterilwave solution developed for the in situ treatment of coronavirus-contaminated waste, selected by China for hospitals in the Wuhan region. In February 2020, the Chinese Ministry of Health confirmed the acquisition of 20 Sterilwave routine stations to equip the main hospitals in the Wuhan region. These ultra-compact, innovative equipment, which has been proven to be effective in inactivation on viruses, can treat hospital waste at potential infectious risk with coronavirus (2019- nCoV) directly on site and therefore eliminate any risk of contamination outside the hospital

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-> Ecodas has developed a patented, innovative and fully automatic process that grinds and then sterilizes infectious risk care activities (DASRI) with water vapour. This process combines grinding and sterilization in the same closed and compact enclosure. Sterilization takes place after grinding, at high temperature (138oC) and under high pressure (3.5 bars); without intermediate handling of waste. In such thermal conditions, no pathogenic microorganisms are resistant. The final product is therefore made up of sterilized grinders similar to Household Garbage (OM) that can join the urban waste sector. In addition, the initial volume of waste is reduced by 80%.

The ECODAS process is designed for all types of DASRI, solid or liquid, such as syringes, needles, plastics, glasses, unwoven textiles, tubing, hemodialysis filters and petri dishes. The ECODAS process is aimed at all structures producing or managing DASRIs: public and private hospitals, laboratories and service providers.

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-> STCF Equipements offers turnkey solutions for the management of hospital liquid waste. The hospital, through its activity, generates waste that is at risk to the environment and the health of others. To meet this need for public, social and environmental order, STCF Equipment markets and installs treatment plants for hospital effluents. Whether they are bacteriological, infectious, radioactive, high temperature, but also NRBC effluents in the context of white plane in particular. Thus, to control the risk of contamination of such effluents from the various hospital wards, isolation rooms or decontamination showers; our treatment plants, consisting of collection tanks and an automated management system, disinfect and neutralize wastewater before joining the common drainage system. Our solutions adapt to the needs of each customer, the infrastructure constraints that are required, and above all to the regulations in place.

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-> Tesalys is a French manufacturer of systems for the on-site crushing and sterilization of infectious risk waste (DASRI). With a range of equipment to treat 5 to 100 kg/h, the TESALYS STERIPLUSTM and STERISHRED systems® are particularly compact, autonomous and ergonomic, allowing rapid deployment in medical centers, hospitals and clinics of all sizes, laboratories, hemodialysis centers… TESALYS also offers a full range of bioseathy risk control products including TESABOX and TESABAG infectious waste packaging, cryogenic waste storage units, and TESATRUCK mobile treatment units.

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