Covid-19 : medical furniture

Contribution to the inventory of French Healthcare companies with proven solutions that can be implemented in the management of the COVID-19 epidemic and patient management.

AHF, Bodet Time, France Reval, HAcare, MMO, Nausicaa Médical, Villard SAS, Winncare

-> AHF has specialized since 1947 in the design and production of beds and furniture for hospitals, clinics, retirement homes and communities. It combines performance and quality of the products offered “Made in France” while focusing on an ambitious environmental and sustainable development policy. Products: Medical Beds Court Stay, Hotel Medical Beds for Senior Residences, Retirement Homes, VIP Services, Wardrobes, Bedside and Bed Eating Table.

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-> Bodet Time offers specific solutions dedicated to healthcare organisations such as hospitals and nursing homes.

International leader in time management and measurement, Bodet has been designing and manufacturing clocks, time synchronisation systems, audio systems and dynamic display solutions for more than 40 years.

  • Broadcast recorded audio messages to remind the sanitary measures(social distancing, hand washing…) within your organisation thanks to our Harmonys Audio Systems.
  • Display health protocols (barrier gestures, procedure in case of possible contamination, schedules…) on the home screen of your organisation thanks to Videodisplay solution.
  • Keep perfect hygiene with Style 5S OP and Style 7S OP clocks.  Recess-mounted LED digital clock was designed to meet strict specifications in line with specific requirements for hospital environments and operating rooms. 
  • Synchronise and secure all the equipment on your IT network.  Scanner system, x-ray equipment, artificial respirator, patient computerised medical data. All these equipment operate in a shared network and can be stuck in a few seconds after a cyber-attack.  During this outbreak, a hospital is targeted by a cybercriminal every week. To enhance your network security, synchronize all your equipment with a reliable and accurate time source, choose a Netsilon Time Server.

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Contact : Anthony Boigné [email protected]

-> France Reval is a French manufacturer of personal hygiene and wellness solutions since 1976, based in La Rochelle (17). Our family-owned SME designs and develops unique and innovative solutions on the market. Our activity is divided into different areas of activity:

-Balneotherapy (turnkey rehabilitation pool project with immergeable walking corridor, pool, water treatment, air treatment, rehabilitation accessories).
-Treatment of Great Burns (custom bathtubs/operating tables for Great Burns patients, equipped for 40 years at HIA Percy in Clamart – 92 and many reference centers worldwide).
-Innovative shower systems (IRIS Shower Convertible, RUBIS Bed Shower System, SOFLEX Shower Chair, CRYSTAL Shower Trolley/Bed) ensure the best possible support while respecting the dignity of patients.
-Medical bathtubs: The widest range on the market, with variable height, sometimes tiltable, hygiene and wellness tools essential.
-Transfer system: Ceiling lights or wheels, active or passive, our systems combine reliability, lightness and ease of use.
-Excreta management: An innovative single-use cellulose consumable mill solution, the Quattro solution eliminates the risk of cross-contamination, guarantees the safety of users and offers rapid and ecological management of excreta management in hospital.

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Contact : Alexandre Harguindeguy, [email protected]

-> HAcare is called upon daily in the current context of the COVID-19 pandemic by medical institutions to meet their equipment needs for continuing care /rea beds (Proclive/Declive); inpatient beds and bedroom furniture such as dining table; medical bed for home care for some patients; hospital mattresses; emergency stretchers; emergency trolley, anesthesia, resuscitation, care, dispensation of medication; Mobile protection unit for isolation room; Pharmacy storage cabinets and sterile/single-use (DM) consumables.
Our HACARE group, which includes SOTEC and ALLIBERT MEDICAL, has taken the decision at this time to intensify our production of medical equipment dedicated to the device for the management of patients infected with coronavirus. We have just doubled the production of our YSALYDE 4 range of medical beds at our Nantes-based plant for the next eight weeks to meet the many demands from all continents.

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-> MMO manufactures and provides hospital beds and furniture for health and social care facilities. As a committed health stakeholder, MMO enhances its industrial know-how and favours French manufacture with French Origin Guaranteed products.   To deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, our teams are doing their utmost to meet the needs of French and international care facilities by offering comprehensive support solutions : long and short-stay beds, psychiatric beds, overbed tables and hospital furniture. In this context, we focus on improving the quality of life for patients and residents and helping caregivers and nurses to carry out their missions under the best conditions.

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Contact : Soizic BOYENZA / Jolanta GERLIN[email protected]

-> Nausicaa Médical designs, manufactures and markets “Made in France” products for geriatrics, disability, rehabilitation, rehabilitation and palliative care. The company is fully mobilized in the current effort, always in operation strictly respecting the rules of hygiene and can therefore offer its products: lifts, verticalizers, straps, mattresses, medical beds.

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Contact : Clément Chauzat [email protected]

-> Villard SAS : Expert in mobile and modular furniture, Villard is one of France’s leading company in the design, manufacture and distribution of medical equipment and furniture for health installations.

Our range is focused on sterilization, operating room and ICU, treatment furniture and services, examination equipment, hospital logistics and pharmacy, linen and waste managment.

Based in its new 7,000 m² production site in Neuville/Sarthe (72) near le Mans since 2017, Villard espouses reliable and sustainable “French manufacturing”, without intermediaries.
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Contact : Jérôme Ficamos [email protected]>

-> Winncare is a manufacturer of medical beds and accessories, therapeutic mattresses in France. An Activity Continuity Plan (PCA) for Coronavirus is in place to deal with emergency patient influxes and the retention of patients and residents.

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