Covid-19 : medical imaging

Contribution to the inventory of the french healthcare companies that can be mobilized to manage the COVID 19 epidemic andtake care of the patients.

AdEchoTech, Biokera imaging, DMS Imaging, Guerbet, Intrasense, Sonoscanner, Stephanix

-> AdEchoTech develops the “Melody” telemedicine tele-ultrasound system, a telemedicine technique that allows an expert to perform an ultrasound on a distant patient (several hundred kms) under technical conditions and responsibilities very close to a conventional ultrasound. This technique makes sense in the face of the challenge of combating the covid-19 virus, by allowing in equipped places to establish an additional barrier to the spread of the virus: either by protecting isolated patients (EPHAD, prisons, isolated centres …) by avoiding moving them, thus keeping them at a distance from the risks of contamination; either by allowing the expert to intervene and bring his expertise in remote locations to contaminated or un contaminated patients thus protecting the expert from possible contamination; Finally, the Melody device also enables the mobilization and use of quarantine experts or the support of experts from other regions since they do not need to move. Melody tele-ultrasound can be used in most ultrasound disciplines (abdominal, urological, pelvic, obstetrical, cardiological, thoracic, doppler…).

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Contact : Philippe Homsi [email protected]

-> Biokera imaging, subsidiary of the AMW Group, specializes in the sale of reconditioned and brand new ultrasound systems. The company provides numerous ultrasound systems for all specialties, including lung and cardiac assessment of patients with or suspected of COVID-19. Biokera imaging also offers a wide range of probes for all types of applications. In this context of crisis, we are mobilized to support the healthcare system both in France and abroad.

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Contact : Amaury MASBERNAT –  [email protected]

->DMS Imaging specializes in conventional radiology. It is able to provide medical imaging solutions for monitoring pulmonary pathologies through its solutions for remote-controlled radiology rooms, lung bone rooms, and mobile emergency radiology rooms. It offers a local technical service in France and abroad.

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Contact : Samuel SANCERNI : [email protected]

->Guerbet, the world leader in medical imaging, remains fully engaged. Guerbet develops and produces contrast products used for diagnostics in medical imaging, including X-ray scanners and MRI scans. Guerbet also develops products used in interventional imaging. As part of the Covid-19 epidemic, iodized contrast products are used to track patients with worsening clinical signs. A chest scan with contrast product injection, with a usual iodine concentration (350 mg/mL), is then performed to look for worsening lesions or a complication such as pulmonary embolism or pneumothorax. Guerbet’s teams are fully mobilized to continue the production of these essential products to healthcare professionals and patients.

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->Intrasense ddevelops and markets a unique medical device named Myrian®, a software platform facilitating and ensuring diagnosis, decision-making and therapeutic follow-up. Thanks to Myrian®, more than 1000 hospitals and clinics spread over 40 countries use a unique and integrated platform supporting all types of imaging modalities (MRI, scanner…). Enriched with expert clinical modules dedicated to specific pathologies and organs, Myrian® provides a universal medical image processing solution which can be fully integrated into any healthcare information system. In the context of the pandemic Intrasense has developed a solution dedicated to the scanner management of COVID-19.The solution allows to provide automatically and intuitively an objective measurement of damage and lung reserve available in patients, thus allowing extremely rapid patient management. This new protocol is CE certified and FDA approved as a medical device.
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-> Sonoscanner, French manufacturer of ultrasound scanners, is particularly involved in the fight against COVID-19 alongside doctors. During the first wave of the epidemic, Sonoscanner equipped more than 100 hospitals with ultra-portable ultrasound scanners so that they could immediately diagnose each patient’s lung condition and refer them quickly. Drawing on months of experience in hospitals and emergency departments, Sonoscanner offers a simple and perfectly adapted package in terms of hardware configuration and services. You can choose from 3 configurations to be fully operational very quickly. The proposed price list offers carefully studied and particularly advantageous conditions. An ultrasound specialist will help you and assist you through the installation process. At any time, we will answer your questions and coordinate with you the installation procedures that best suit your needs.

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Contact : Roland Lafore, Export Manager. [email protected] –  + 33 7 67 85 29 65

-> Stephanix

has been specializing in medical imaging for thirty-five years. We meet the needs of the radiology units of hospitals, clinics and practices, including solutions in conventional and digital radiology such as: remote-controlled tables, mobile radiology, bone-lung rooms, surgical hoops, and many other equipment. Manufacturer of remote-controlled tables, we design, develop and manufacture our products in France.

In the context of COVID-19, our sales, technical and support teams are more than ever mobilized to meet the needs at the national level as well as for our distributors for export, on all our products.
Contact : Yannick Chapotot : [email protected]