Covid-19 : modular premises and mobile units

Contribution to the inventory of French Healthcare companies with proven solutions that can be implemented in the management of the COVID-19 epidemic and patient management.

Comeode, Exyte France, Toutenkamion

-> Comeode, providing general contracting contractor mastery (plans, studies, piloting), proposes the provision, development and installation of temporary modular premises adapted to medical needs. Companies associated with the initiative: COUGNAUD (modular buildings, assembly, transport – installation), SARC – RENNES TP (Terrassement and VRD), AFTP (Terrassement and VRD), BAILLY (Inner Agency, partitions – modular partitions, ceilings, wood carpentry / Alu / PVC), SPIE 22 (Electricity CFO / CFA / sick call / SSI), SYLVESTYRE – Vinci Group (Electricity CFO / CFA / sick call / SSI), PCBG (Plomberie / heating – electricity, gas, fossil fuels, photovoltaic), SARL LAMBERT (Plomberie / heating).

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Contacts : Frédéric Debureau (CEO) [email protected],
Benoit Laignel (technical director) [email protected]

-> Exyte France S.A.S.

has a solution for the rapid construction of prefabricated modular clean rooms, usable for the construction of workshops for the production of drugs and vaccines CoVid-19 as well as diagnostic laboratories CoVid-19. Our system, known asExyCell®, consists of freely composable standardized elements to fit the desired layout. This enables us to produce “turnkey” units qualified according to GMP and ready for immediate use, including pharma production devices supplied by our partners. The ExyCell prefabrication workshops are located in Clermont-Ferrand, France. Our ExyCell workshops can be installed in very short time, both in existing buildings or erected quickly according to the principles of prefabrication.

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Contact : Luca Mussati [email protected]

-> Toutenkamion Group European leader in the design and manufacture of customized mobile medical units, and Siemens Smart Infrastructure have joined their forces to develop a totally innovative and versatile system of mobile resuscitation units (ICU). This mobile resuscitation solution has been designed to meet the organizational and technical needs of the hospitals to face with the Covid-19 crisis. 

Its objective is to relieve the congestion by creating additional autonomous units with reduced implementation times and that can be moved regularly.

Each resuscitation unit is composed of 5 individual rooms, a care station for the nursing staff, a pharmacy, a technical room, a storage room for biomedical equipment and a dirty utility area for storing anything that needs to be cleaned, and a rest room or office for the staff.

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Contact : Bertrand PLOUVIEZ  [email protected]