Covid-19 : professional apps

Contribution to the inventory of French Healthcare companies with proven solutions that can be implemented in the management of the COVID-19 epidemic and patient management.

360 medics, E-Medservice, Kaduceo, projet Dr Lataud, PassCare, Quarness

-> 360 medics is an application and web interface that brings together the resources and tools needed to practice caregivers in the daily lives of caregivers: news, search engine, drug base, medical tools, task management, messaging. Used by more than 225,000 caregivers, including 92,000 physicians, the solution can communicate how to communicate how to communicate the way it is, and 360 medics can quickly develop specific mobile tools built into the app: diagnostic assistance, interactive decision-making tree, good practice sharing, patient management tool.

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Contact : Claire Chauvallon [email protected]

-> E-Medservice is a digital Patient Relationship Management platform for healthcare professionals. E-Medservice allows you to contact or follow patients/entourage directly at home by email, text message or phone. Given the current context, e-Medservice proposes to contact patients very quickly and to take initial actions remotely: cancellations of consultations/non-urgent care; recalls of health instructions; monitoring of patients at home (questionnaires, notifications). The service is entirely Saas, requires no installation or download and is therefore aimed at all patient profiles.

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Contact : Alexandre Benoit [email protected] 

-> Kaduceo has developed expertise in the collection and processing of health data for the analysis and optimization of care pathways in therapeutic areas such as assisted human reproduction, obesity, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and emergencies. Faced with this health crisis, it was natural for Kaduceo to make our skills available to hospitals free of charge. For example, we provide hospitals with different analytics, statistics and predictors to provide them with management tracking indicators to gain overall visibility of Covid activity within their hospital. Among these indicators we propose: daily volumetry; patient profile (age range, sex, comorbidity, geographical origin); mode of exit (death, transfer, return to home); length of stay; type of treatment. We are also able to predict at 5 days the admissions related to Covid19, to anticipate the occupation and especially the global saturation and by service.

We also offer hospitals a daily and interactive mapping that identifies the provenance of patients admitted to the hospital. This map allows hospitals to determine where the households at risk are and anticipate their developments in order to be able to inform public, regional and national authorities, and to accompany them as best they can in an optimized exit from the crisis. To facilitate access to analyses, we have developed a free and secure web interface (Authorized Health Data Server).

This monitoring and prediction interface centralizes all of our analyses and predictions for each hospital. Currently, we analyze data from a dozen hospitals and provide them with up-to-date and personalized information every day.

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Contact : Donalie Nugues [email protected]

-> Projet Dr Lataud :medical biologist, his project application esanté allows the care of patients from the smartphone or PC of doctors. The app is free in its basic version. The application makes it possible to use all existing solutions, applications and artificial intelligence software universally. It allows the epidemiology of the population to be carried out in real time, especially in this context of covid19. Automated care can be coordinated between city doctors and the hospital, care management is optimized within hospital facilities and coordination is ensured. Emergency control services can visualize a geographic area and its population in real time. Strategic interest may also be of interest to prefectural services.

Contact : Dr Emmanuel Lataud [email protected]

->PassCare l

Launches its PassCOVID® which allows citizens to safely provide medical information about a digital health passport and share it with the health professionals of their choice. This gives frail people (chronic diseases, seniors) the opportunity to share vital data in their health record to better manage COVID-19. With this health data on PassCOVID®, the immunity passport will allow: a significant reduction in the time of management of an emergency by health professionals (city doctor, teleconsultation, emergencies) without losing the quality (sorting and orientation to specific circuits according to the profile, summary and tracking sheet downloadable with a remote click, dematerialised letter or liaison mail available directly after a consultation or hospitalization as recommended by the french HAS in its quality indicators…); management of interactive prevention, screening and alerting programmes according to the profile; targeted epidemiological monitoring with the possibility of knowing, in particular, serological tests carried out on the population.

PassCOVID® can help manage post-crisis by better targeting at-risk populations and regions to prioritize for either progressive release from containment or screening. Our solution, which is aimed at citizens and healthcare professionals, is currently available free of charge via the creation of a Freemium account :

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Contact : Dorian Chassagne : [email protected]

-> Quarness is a mobile coordination and communication application dedicated to healthcare personnel, integrating instant messaging and secure, combined with an Alerting solution. It allows the immediate dissemination to all actors of a support of events such as “The availability of isolated beds”, “The need for reinforcements” or “The search for medical equipment”. To deal with the health crisis and to support health care teams, Dedalus France announces the availability of a specific version of Quarness, in Cloud version, free of charge, for all Emergency and Resuscitation services of CHU, Hospitals and private facilities. In addition, Dedalus supports healthcare institutions in the deployment of the solution. Dedalus works with Emergency Room and Resuscitation experts to define specific alerts for the management of Covid-19 patients.

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Contact : Stéphane Ruton : [email protected]