Covid-19 : Remote patient monitoring / teleconsultation

Contribution to the inventory of French Healthcare companies with proven solutions that can be implemented in the management of the COVID-19 epidemic and patient management.

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-> Biocorp develops, produces and markets Mallya, a medical device dedicated to diabetic patients. Affected by a chronic disease, these patients are among the most fragile people in the current context of the Covid-19 pandemic. CE DM class II-b certified, Mallya can be easily attached to insulin pens and makes it possible to monitor the injections (recording of the dose injected, type of insulin, date and time) made by the patient during of the day. This online follow-up log can then be shared with the nursing staff, thus offering the assurance of better continuity of treatment for the disease in the current context.

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-> Biosency ahas developed and marketed the BORA ConnectTM solution dedicated to telesurfacing respiratory diseases and which can support the response to COVID-19 by helping to monitor the vital parameters of patients at home, both for those who are known/suspected of infection with COVID-19 as well as for those at higher risk (chronic respiratory diseases, immunodepressed patients, or isolated elderly people…). Tele-monitoring at the patient’s home would reduce front-line pressure in hospitals. BORA Connect, certified CE DM Class 2a, monitors respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, heart rate, peripheral temperature and activity (measurement of number of steps); Visualize the evolution of these parameters through applications dedicated to the patient and healthcare actors.

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-> Catel has supported since 1997 the deployment of telemedicine practices and, more broadly, digital healthcare. We have believed for more than 20 years in the advantages of these uses, and in this difficult period, we put more than ever our skills and our network at the service of the general interest. Catel is opening to meet the needs of healthcare professionals who wish, in an emergency, to implement teleconsultation to deal with the emergency of the health crisis linked to Covid-19. The first step is to allow them to quickly find the information they need to launch their first teleconsultation uses, either through articles and reference documents or through direct exchange with their peers or domain experts in the forum.

The professionals concerned will find the answers to their most urgent questions: why do teleconsultation in this context of crisis?

In what context is this authorized?

Who can carry out these teleconsultations? How to invoice the acts? Which solution, which material to choose? How to refer my patients to teleconsultation? Will the handling be quick, on the caregiver side?

The reference information and published testimonials come from the French experience but can be enriched by other French and English-speaking experiences.
You can also benefit from the support of Catel thanks to its consultancy and engineering activity (for example, Catel currently supports the WAHO and the 15 countries of the ECOWAS region in their transition to digital in Health).

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-> CDM e-health, fa subsidiary of the Air Liquide group, offers the “Chronic Care Connect” e-health solution. Chronic Care Connect ™ is Air Liquide’s remote medical monitoring program which aims to improve home monitoring of patients suffering from chronic diseases by combining medical remote monitoring and support by State-certified nurses who carry out human screening of alerts in the monitoring center. CDM e-health through its Chronic Care Connect solution today included more than 2,000 patients in France, this in coordination with private doctors and health establishments. In the context of the Covid-19 crisis, our teams are mobilized around the support of remote monitoring patients at their home, especially for those suffering from heart failure.

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-> Coussin Viktor : Well anchored in the French Tech of Nice and Nevers, targeting the players in the Silver Economy, Fingertips offers a complete ecosystem to improve the quality of life of people with loss of autonomy. It is about putting all daily actions within their reach, so accessibility and ergonomics are at the heart of the CoussinViktor project.Our approach, keeping the person at home in the best conditions, serves two objectives: the happiness of the person who can stay at home, but also to limit the economic cost of long stays in hospital or in nursing homes.

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-> Diabnext is a diabetes remote monitoring solution, improving patient care, preventing complications and hospitalizations related to the disease and thus reducing associated costs. The solution combines a web platform for healthcare professionals and a mobile application for patients, which is connected to connected devices that automatically retrieve patient data. In particular, it offers caregivers the opportunity to track patient data, ensure secure exchanges with them and remotely optimize their treatments. Diabnext is reimbursed by the CNAM and approved by the DGOS. Created by a type 1 diabetic patient, the solution has developed differentiating advantages, which have convinced many renowned hospitals and has been undergoing a very dynamic deployment since its launch. In addition, Diabnext is an inexpensive innovation to implement.

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-> E-TakesCare has developed and sales a remote patient temperature monitoring solution.

Shaped as a thin and flexible patch, Tucky smart wearable thermometer is placed under the armpit and allows continuous and remote monitoring of body temperature through a health cloud.
This Class IIA medical device helps, at hospitals, to reduce the risk of cross-contamination and the workload of healthcare staff. At home, it enables ambulatory monitoring and follow-up of family members.

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France Surgery offers a multilingual digital assistant, dedicated to expatriates and international patients. Because you never know what can happen when you are away from home, France Surgery allows patients to be in direct contact with the best French doctors and specialists, in 37 medical and surgical specialties thanks to medical assistance solutions: Secure Teleconsultation, Second Medical Notice, Assistance Care Course, Call center multilingual patient. It is the assurance of being accompanied on a daily basis, on any health problem, wherever one is in the world. In the current context of the COVID-19 crisis, France Surgery allows many French expatriates abroad (employees, students…) to be in contact with a French doctor to reassure them and follow them remotely when needed. It also allows foreign expatriates in France to have access to personalized and multilingual medical assistance.

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-> H4D has developed a global telemedicine solution around the first connected medical booth, the Consult Station. The H4D solution supports all the dimensions necessary to implement a professional medical practice to fully integrate into each local context. H4D is actively involved in the response to COVID-19. In particular, we install cabins in emergency services in referral and teleconsultation to support caregivers, but also in health centres with the Red Cross as well as in isolated villages to follow patients.

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-> Maela offers a digital platform for preparing, supporting and monitoring patients who can benefit from early home returns. The Maela solution helps guide and secure patients at every stage of their care with pre- and post-operative follow-up. As part of the COVID-19 epidemic and to contribute to the effort required of health workers, Maela offers its tele-assisted services free of charge to health facilities. Available now and without prior installation, a follow-up protocol containing HAS instructions and instructions is available to remotely track patients. Maela provides facilities with its Maela digital monitoring platform to accompany and follow patients in their home care during the fourteenth, making the link with the health care institution. For example, patients can send daily follow-up questionnaires (using the main warning signs: fever, cough, breathing difficulties), indicate if they have had contact with other people, exchange through secure messaging, receive instructions and behaviours to be kept, access information documents…

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-> myDiabby healthcare is the most widely used diabetes telemedicine platform in France with more than half of the healthcare facilities using (280 centres – 100,000 patients followed). The platform has been in existence for 5 years, is designed and developed in France and is reimbursed by health insurance for the Telemonitoring section. During the Covid-19 period, we have implemented all the features free of charge to allow medical teams to continue to follow their diabetic patients 100% remotely.(

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-> Rofim, Telemedicine platform, offers a Teleconsultation module deployed in response to COVID-19 and made available free of charge to all healthcare professionals (medical and paramedics) throughout the blue and white plan.

The functionalities are as follows: secure messaging/ private conversation groups; teleconsultation; assisted teleconsultation; teleexpertise; multidisciplinary consultation meeting in visio.

We have deployed the Teleconsultation module in 5 days, in response to the need to ensure continuity of care, maintaining the link between the practitioner and its patients. All this was developed in conjunction with doctors to best meet their needs.

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TMM Software, a French e-health software editor, supports healthcare providers who want to digitize their care pathways. Working with more than 350 health institutions, TMM Software has leveraged the reactivity of its modular approach since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, allowing its customers to easily and quickly create solutions to track patients infected with COVID in healthcare facilities, and keeping in touch with at-risk chronic patients at a distance. Besides, at the time of its vaccination campaign, Morocco has chosen to implement a remote monitoring system for Post Vaccine Adverse effects (PVA) via the “Yakadaliqah” application, integrated by Highkaw, which uses apTeleCare, TMM Software’s remote medical monitoring software solution.

This solution allows the recording and reporting of adverse effects by the vaccinated patients and their remote monitoring, in order to follow, list and control the PVA. The ultimate goal is to be able to monitor the 25 million people who have been vaccinated.

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