Covid-19 : Room and insulation equipment

Contribution to the inventory of French Healthcare companies with proven solutions that can be implemented in the management of the COVID-19 epidemic and patient management.

Europbioconcept, Ilithia France, PH2

-> Eurobioconcept offers the Isoroom solution, which allows you to quickly transform a conventional room into a negative pressure room with filtered air. Features: transparent wall for outside observation, optional cuff/x-ray cuff panel, waterproof cuffs for the passage of probes, cables or tubes, SAS with two doors, assembly in 1 to 2 hours. The portable Isoroom is an ideal solution to quickly isolate a person or object contaminated with infectious particles or diseases and transport them to an area for safe treatment.
Covid-19: Eurobioconcept also offers a transport module that allows patients to be safely moved to areas less affected by the epidemic while protecting the medical team and crew from exposure to the virus. These stretchers are suitable for any type of transport: plane, train, ambulance, or helicopter.

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-> Ilithia France designs and provides cleanroom solutions under its MOTECH brand. As part of the fight against COVID-19, we have developed a kit insulation room concept. This sterile room can be used as an isolation chamber for the treatment of a patient as well as a laboratory for testing. The insulation room is built in two days, thanks to its modular structure in sandwich panels, its set of built-in equipment (door, glazing, lighting, blocks taken, etc.) and its compact air treatment plant.

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-> PH2 offers two specific solutions in the fight against COVID-19. The compact and modular isolation trolley (UMP® COL C) has been designed to facilitate with optimal safety the rapid implementation of precautionary procedures inside or outside the patient’s room (depending on the type of isolation). A modular and compact prevention tool to be placed at the various reception points of a health facility during influenza episodes, the Influenza Prevention Unit (UPG®) ® is designed to limit the risk of transmission of influenza and other infectious diseases.

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