Covid-19 : Sterilization, disinfection, bioremediation, hydroalcoholic solutions

Contribution to the inventory of French Healthcare companies with proven solutions that can be implemented in the management of the COVID-19 epidemic and patient management.

Aden, Alkapharm/Sodel, Atalian, Bioquell, BRC, Deppik, Franklab, Impeto Médical, Oxy’Pharm, Sanivap, Steam France, 3ML

-> Aden is a French company specializing in facilities management high-tech, based in Shanghai, operating mainly in China, ASEAN and Africa. With 25,000 people in 80 major cities in China, its action has been/is strong in the fight against coronavirus. Offers the supply of masks especially in large volume, thanks to Aden’s unparalleled sourcing capabilities.

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Contact: Didier Carraud, C3Medical: [email protected]

-> Alkapharm/Sodel has a wide range of hygiene and disinfection solutions and offers a comprehensive service, ranging from identifying problems on the ground to implementing appropriate solutions. A French company (Lisieux, Normandy), Alkapharm/Sodel has been formulating, manufacturing and selling its products in healthcare facilities in France and around the world for more than 30 years. We are now working with health care workers to help them disinfect instruments, equipment and the environment. Find the list of Alkapharm products active on coronavirus:

Contact : Pierre-François Lebart : [email protected]

-> Atalian, through its Health & Ultra-Cleanliness Markets Department and its seven experts spread throughout France, Atalian guarantees its customers the control of contamination through several businesses in the Health sector: biocleaning, internal waste collection, hotel services and related services. Today, as for several weeks, our operational teams are working in hospital facilities, particularly in Covid-19 rooms, applying the methods validated with the hygiene teams at each facility. Active daily with our clients, across all sectors during this pandemic, our experts (including some ASPEC members) and our QSE support our operational teams in implementing our specially developed Covid-19 service offering. This offer clearly expresses the methods to be deployed in case of prevention, disinfection or decontamination.

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Contact : Clémence Lebeau-Giroud, [email protected]

-> Bioquell has a complete range of solutions dedicated to the control of contamination, allowing its customers to ensure a total security of their process, improve their productivity and meet regulatory requirements. To respond to emergencies and the Covid-19 outbreak, Bioquell offers a customized bio-decontamination service for all types of facilities and volumes. Our technology of bio-decontamination by hydrogen peroxide vapour removes microorganisms on all exposed surfaces and is effective on Coronavirus (Coronavidae family see effectiveness list). Bioquell has already intervened worldwide on this type of contamination (SARS, MERS-Cov,…), or other such as Ebola and is currently responding to the COVID-19 outbreak. Here is our list of microbiological efficacy ( and a video of our customized bio-decontamination service (

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Contact : Benjamin Morel [email protected]  

-> BRC, a French industrial company based near Nantes, designs, manufactures and markets air hygiene, treatment and disinfection equipment for over 40 years. BRC offers a variety of equipment for professionals in the fight against COVID-19. (virucide disinfection cabinets; hydroalcoholic gel dispenser; fogging disinfection).

Our patented VBX® flagship product is a new generation of virucidal, automatic and innovative sterilization cabinet. VBX® enables the disinfection of glasses, masks, gloves, pliers, scissors and other accessories in healthcare settings.

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-> Deppik offers solutions to control biological contamination regardless of health risk and level of containment. Our regular customers are industrialists (pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and agri-food), research laboratories (P2, P3) and zootechnical units. In the context of COVID19, we offer our expertise to health facilities and other priority activities to enable them to continue their business or increase their reception capacity via: disinfection of surfaces by air with report emission for volumes of up to 500,000m3; intervention in France as a whole; profile of stakeholders: Biologists, chemists (15 years of seniority). Deppik is a member of ASPEC, AFSTAL and is an active member of the AFNOR S95R committee of expertise – “Sterilization, disinfection and sterilizers”. In addition, we offer for sale equipment (and necessary disinfectants) allowing the structures to be autonomous in disinfecting small volumes (200m3).

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Franklab is a French manufacturer based in the Paris region, for more than 40 years of hygiene and disinfection solutions for hospitals in France and abroad. Franklab provides you with a comprehensive solution in controlling infectious risk through broad-spectrum antimicrobial disinfectant detergents to help you in the fight against COVID-19. Disinfectant detergent sprays and wipes are recommended for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces in health structures.

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-> Impeto Médical is a French company, created in 2005, based in Paris and having had a subsidiary in China for many years. We develop and market innovative medical devices worldwide, in particular Sudoscan, indicated for monitoring diabetes complications and diagnosing and monitoring neuropathies. In view of the general shortage of protective masks from which our country is currently suffering, we have decided to contribute to the collective effort by setting up a channel to import masks to French territory from our Chinese subsidiary. We are in fact currently able to offer large quantities of CE marked FFP2 surgical masks with very competitive delivery times to France.

Contact: Jean-Louis Benezeth: [email protected]

-> Oxy’Pharm offers an effective and biodegradable disinfection solution to fight against all infections and contaminations in the health sector.

Aware that health care institutions are facing health problems that create a feeling of insecurity among healthcare staff and powerlessness towards their patients, Oxy’Pharm is committed to help professionals in the best possible way by offering an automated concept for the bio-disinfection of surfaces certified NF T72-281 and EN 17272: NOCOTECH, a dry diffusion system coupling NOCOSPRAY device and NOCOLYSE liquid product, with a complete spectrum of effectiveness: bactericidal, fungicidal, sporicidal and virucidal (including coronavirus). The treatments are biodegradable, have no impact on electronic equipment and are harmless to health. For overworked and time-consuming healthcare staff, the practicality of using NOCOTECH tends to facilitate hygiene processes in healthcare institutions and thus relieve its users while guaranteeing optimal disinfection efficiency.

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Contact : Romain Rouleau [email protected]

-> Sanivap : With more than 15 years of experience, Sanivap is today the leader and the undisputed reference in the field of bio-steam cleaning in the health sector.

Faced with the epidemic crisis we are going through, SANIVAP wishes to make its contribution to the fight against infections and contaminations in health establishments by offering a steam treatment certified NF 72-110 effective against bacteria, yeasts, fungi, spores and viruses (including coronavirus).

The treatment is based on a steam generator with a water injection or with a hydrogen peroxide solution which allows the removal of biofilm and complex stains thanks to a steam system at a stable and controlled temperature throughout the tasks to be carried out. The action of the steam allows the detergency and disinfection of surfaces in a single pass. This combination saves valuable time and simplifies the hygiene process.

Contact: Romain Rouleau – [email protected]

-> Steam France is positioned throughout the sterilization value chain, in the field of Hygiene, Disinfection and Sterilization, and has been offering:
The sale and installation of equipment (including sterilization, disinfection and destruction of infectious waste equipment), software (Supervision and Traceability) and new and used Medical Devices (DM), as well as their spare parts, consumables and accessories.
The sale and execution of all services relating to the operation of equipment of all brands (installation, maintenance, metrology and regulatory and regulatory controls, evolution, moving, scrapping).The sale of multi-brand maintenance programs adapted to operational constraints and the completion of preventive and curative maintenance services
The sale and implementation of technical and functional training services, as well as support for the implementation and design of the Central Sterile Services Department (CSSDs).

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3ML manufactures a single dose of hydroalcoholic lotion scented with essential oils and skin-protective for the hands. This lotion combines high perfumery requirements and a biocidal product. The formulation designed by a master perfumer has been validated by a French laboratory for the performance of biocidal tests: bactericide standard EN 13727, fungicide standard EN 1650 and virucide standard 14476 + A2. The single-dose packaging is made from biodegradable and recyclable materials according to EN 13432 standards in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. The lotion is made in Annecy in France. In the format of a business card, the single-dose fits everywhere: very practical for men who can put it in their wallet or pocket and very practical for women because there is no risk of the single-dose being pours into their bag.

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