Projector on medical technologies at Institut Curie

A meeting of the Medical Technologies group of the French Healthcare association was held on October 8th at the Institut Curie : live presentation of the Toutenkamion solution, demonstration of teleechography with AdEchoTech and pitch of the group members in front of the Institut Curie and the assemblers Ideal Medical Products Engineering and FSE Export.

The French health sector is being structured !

The members of the French Healthcare association present at this event :

  • Ideal Medical Products Engineering
  • FSE Export
  • Toutenkamion : trucks for mobile units
  • AdEchoTech : teleechography
  • DMS Imaging : medical imaging
  • Stephanix : medical imaging
  • Evolucare : information systems
  • Esprimed : support for Imaging and radiation protection
  • Technologie médicale : oxygen therapy and aspiration equipment
  •  Evo2 : indoor air treatment unit
  • Villard Medical : medical furniture
  • HAcare : medical furniture
  • STCF Equipments : management of radioactive effluents

With thanks to Institut Curie !