A health caravan to promote multi-disease screening in the business environment in Ivory Coast

In 2018 in Ivory Coast, one of the countries in West Africa most affected by the HIV / AIDS epidemic : 63% of people living with HIV knew their status ; 55% of people tested positive were on antiretroviral therapy ; 41% of people living with HIV on treatment have had their viral load suppressed (source: Onusida).

Despite the prevalence of hepatitis B at around 12% and hepatitis C at around 5%, screening and surveillance for hepatitis B and C remains very limited.
Finally, the diagnostic offer for diabetes and hypertension is insufficient.

With ten years of experience in implementing this type of action, the Association Santé en Entreprise (SEE) organized a health caravan from 9 to 14 December in Côte d’Ivoire to promote multi-disease screening (HIV , viral hepatitis B and C, tuberculosis, diabetes, hypertension) in active populations.

The Health Caravan was an itinerant SEE operation set up in partnership with the Health Business Africa program of the French Council of Investors in Africa, and Alliance Côte d´Ivoire, the sub-beneficiary of funding from the Global Fund. In practical terms, this involves deploying a mobile awareness and screening device intended for employees of participating companies, their subcontractors, autoentrepreneurs as well as the surrounding populations. The initiative has the institutional support of the Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene of Ivory Coast, Onusida, the Ivorian Network of Human Resources Managers (RIGRH) and the Coalition of Businesses against AIDS, the
malaria and tuberculosis (CECI).

“Companies have a key role to play in implementing innovative screening actions. This is a major issue in the prevention of diseases. Recent studies in Ivory Coast show that active men over the age of 25 access HIV testing services on average half as often as women. The workplace is therefore a privileged place to reach this key population. By positioning the health caravan in Abidjan in areas of high density economic activity, our objective is to promote multi-disease screening, in particular that of viral hepatitis B and C, diabetes and hypertension which are the subject of insufficient attention”, says Erick Maville, CEO of the SEE association.

The Diabetes Caravan was supported by Gilead, SD Biosensor, CEMOI and SOTRA.

About Company Health (SEE): SEE is an association created in January 2011 and declared in Paris. With a network of companies, mutuals and partner provident institutions, the association implements prevention actions against HIV, hepatitis, malaria and diabetes intended for employees and local populations. It operates in France, Africa, the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean. www.santeenentreprise.com

Contact : Alain Sognoko, SEA Project Manager – Mobile: +225 53 98 70 02 Email : [email protected]