RDIF, Bpifrance and Orpea to finance the development of follow-up care and rehabilitation centers in Russia

Moscow, December 10, 2019 – RDIF (“Russian Direct Investment Fund”, the Russian sovereign wealth fund), Bpifrance, RDIF partners in the Middle East and Orpea, a French group among world leaders in addiction care, have decided to develop new follow-up care and rehabilitation centers for everyone and also for the elderly in Russia. Drawing on Orpea’s experience in this area, both in its domestic market and in internationally, the partners are also planning to develop nursing homes there.

This development will be carried out via the Russian subsidiary of Orpea, with the financial support of RDIF and Bpifrance. The partners plan to carry out the development by 2025 of 13 establishments totaling 2,600 rooms. This agreement could be extended to 20 establishments totaling nearly 4,000 bedrooms.
The first project should be the creation of an SSR center within the International Medical Cluster of Skolkovo. The latter is scheduled to open in 2022 and will have a capacity of 200 beds.

Kirill Dmitriev, CEO of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (“RDIF”) says : “The construction of SSR centers equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and offering quality care to the elderly contributes to the achievement of the objectives set in the framework of the national programs “Demography” and “Third Age”. Alongside its French and Middle Eastern partners, the RDIF seek to reduce the deficit of quality ambulatory and hospital care for people elderly in Russia as well as to improve the quality of services offered to this patient population. Technologies and the expertise developed by Orpea will allow us to carry out the training as much technological than in personal care and thus quickly implement the best global practices here in Russia”.

Nicolas Dufourcq, CEO of Bpifrance, says : “We are delighted with the success of our co-investment platform with RDIF. In supporting the development in Russia of Orpea, French champion in the dependency sector, having strong ambitions for growth abroad, this operation fits perfectly into the strategy Bpifrance to support French companies internationally, from SMEs to large group. Orpea’s experience and proven methodologies in the field of SSR centers will also help to promote French medical know-how in Russia”.

The RDIF is the Russian sovereign wealth fund. This fund was created in 2011 with the aim of achieving equity co-investment operations, mainly in Russia, alongside institutions renowned international financial and strategic investors. The purpose of RDIF is to act as a catalyst for direct investment in the Russian economy. His management company is based in Moscow. At present, RDIF has already participated in the implementation of more than 70 projects alongside foreign investors, representing a cumulative amount of more than 1,500 billion rubles and covering almost 95% of Russian territory. Companies belonging to the RDIF investment portfolio employs more than 800,000 people and generates revenue cumulative business representing more than 6% of Russian GDP. RDIF has agreements investment with leading international investors in more than 15 countries and totaling more than $ 40 billion in assets.
For more information, please visit : www.rdif.ru

Founded in 1989, Orpéa is one of the world leaders in long-term care (EHPADs, SRH clinics, psychiatric clinics, home care services) with a network of 951 establishments totaling 96,677 beds (including 17,388 currently
under construction) in 16 countries. ORPÉA is listed on Euronext Paris.
For more information, please visit : www.orpea-group.com

Bpifrance finances companies – at each stage of their development – with credit, guarantees and in equity. Bpifrance supports them in their innovation projects and internationally. Bpifrance also ensures their export activity through a wide range of products.
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