COVID-19: list of 62 French companies that can be mobilized (April 3, 2020)

In this particular health context, French Healthcare Association offers to contribute to the inventory of French players (members and non-members of the association) with proven solutions that can be implemented in the management of the epidemic and the management of patients.

Objective: to have a global vision of the French response that can be mobilized in France and abroad.

A specific meeting was organized on Friday March 13, 2020 during which companies were able to make themselves known, and information has been continuously collected since this date.

The list below is therefore intended to be enriched over time. Contact: [email protected].

Companies are classified by « profession »:

– P. 1: Vaccine and treatment (under development)
– P. 2: Diagnostic tests / research
– P. 4: Medical devices
– P. 5: Medical imaging
– P. 6: Sterilization / disinfection / biodecontamination, hydroalcoholic solutions, masks
– P. 7: Management of hospital waste
– P. 8: Treatment / disinfection of hospital air
– P. 10: Room and insulation material
– P. 11: Remote monitoring of patients / apps for professionals / teleconsultation
– P. 14: Transport / repatriation of patients
– P. 14: Medical furniture
– P. 15: Modular premises, mobile units
– P. 16: Hospital human resources / training

For each company, a short description provided by the company and contact details are available. Product documentation can be provided upon request.

List of companies as of April 3, 2020 : French Healthcare Association – French companies COVID-19 – V03042020