DigiMED Assistant, France Surgery platform for remote medical assistance

France Surgery contributes to the fight of the Covid-19 pandemic and decided to offer free access to DigiMED Assistant to all European expatriates located anywhere in the world or to international patients in France who find themselves in difficult situations.

DigiMED Assistant, France Surgery’s secure telemedecine platform, has been nominated by the French Government, through the French Healthcare Association, to contribute to the epidemic management and patient management in this particular health context caused by the Covid-19.

DigiMED Assistant represents the only multilingual digital assistant, allowing expatriates abroad to be in direct contact with the best French doctors and specialists, thanks to innovative medical assistance solutions, like secure teleconsultations or Second Medical Opinions. It also allows foreign expatriates in France to have access to personalized and multilingual medical assistance.

If you find yourself in such need, contact us and one of our coordinators will assist you further: +33 (0) 9 53 02 03 09 or [email protected]

Because we are in this together and we will emerge stronger together!