Facing Covid-19: video, video tracking, remote monitoring

To support the health world in this period, Wixalia beyond the daily support of these customers is working on the following solutions:

Visio program: easy video conferencing

In this difficult and isolated period, Wixalia deploys a Video Rendezvous solution within the Ehpad easy allowing families to contact their loved ones, relieving staff of its administration.

A turnkey solution for scheduling video conference appointments for families and loved ones.

  • Online booking: relatives see the agenda and choose their appointment based on availability.
  • Automatic confirmation and reminders of the appointment including the link for the video conference on Free video conference application,
  • Quick and easy installation

Wixalia offers a packaged solution which responds to the establishment’s need for efficiency: offering a video conference service to residents and patients, without mobilizing teams on time-consuming tasks such as making appointments or management of a video conference diary.


Video analysis in the service of health:

WIXALIA in collaboration with Anyvision offers a solution for the intelligent monitoring of medical teams within the hospital.

If hospitals are generally particularly sensitive spaces, they are today at the heart of the coronavirus pandemic, with the permanent exposure of their staff to the virus. The number of admissions is soaring and facilities must put in place increased security measures to limit operational risks. Computer recognition is a technology that can help mitigate risk effectively.


STAFF EXPOSURE. Quarantine violations and unauthorized staff increase the risk of hospital staff exposure.

TRACKING THE RISK OF EXPOSURE. There is a real difficulty in tracing carriers and monitoring known potential routes of exposure.

OPERATIONAL CONTACT. Increased activity increases the number of physical contacts at access control points.

CONTINUITY OF CARE. The care provided to the general population suffers from the increase in cases of contagion.

Video Analysis for hospitals

Computer vision makes it possible to distinguish among people, those who are authorized to access certain physical spaces and digital services. It identifies people’s journeys over time and analyzes how, when and where contact between them occurs.

Computer vision coupled with artificial intelligence enables this analysis either by using existing sensors or by adding smart devices at entry points. This basic technology has adapted its capabilities to help hospitals improve safety in the face of the coronavirus epidemic.

By using this technology and with the agreement of the hospital staff, it will be possible to better understand the risks of contamination within the team; when a person is detected  sick  a few minutes of intelligent searches (forensic) will allow to identify flawlessly the only people who have been in contact with this person during the defined period, 1 week, 15 days, sending only those people in confinement actually entered into contact.

The solution is simple to implement, and we can offer test  for free to  establishments.


Remote monitoring in senior residence or hospitals

As part of the post-crisis program, Wixalia offers a remote monitoring solution. Using video sensors that do not film no image and coupled with artificial intelligence, we can follow the situation of a patient, his movements, his general condition by emitting staff regular data, avoiding permanent contact, mainly in containment areas.


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