Integrated telemedicine offer for remote care of people with cancer

AstraZeneca, Cureety, Libheros (French Healthcare Association member) and Qare announce the availability for hospitals and their healthcare teams of an integrated telemedicine offer for the remote care of people with cancer.

● In response to the health crisis linked to COVID-19, AstraZeneca, Cureety, libheros and Qare, are mobilizing to help hospitals and oncology services provide remote care for cancer patients in order to minimize the risks of contamination while maintaining continuity of care, via a single application.
● For all hospitals that wish, this remote monitoring application will be made available as soon as possible.
● Each patient included by their oncologist will benefit from a solution that combines three remote monitoring services: remote monitoring, mobilization of liberal nursing staff, teleconsultation.

Download the press release:à%20distance-VF4.pdf