Teleconsultation: a site to inform healthcare professionals

Since 1997, Catel has been supporting the deployment of telemedicine practices and, more broadly, digital healthcare. For more than 20 years, we have believed in the advantages of these uses, and in these difficult times, we are more than ever putting our skills and our network at the service of the general interest.

Catel has created a mini-site,, in order to meet with the needs of health professionals who wish to implement telemedicine, to meet  the needs of healthcare professionals who wish to implement teleconsultation in order to deal with the urgency of the Covid-19 healthcare crisis. The first aim is to enable them to quickly find the information they need to launch their first uses of teleconsultation, either through articles and reference documents or through exchanges with their peers or experts.

The professionals concerned will find the answers to their most urgent questions:

  • Why do teleconsultation in this context of crisis?
  • In what context is this authorized? Who can do it?
  • How to invoice the acts?
  • Which solution, which material should I use?
  • How to refer my patients to teleconsultation?
  • Will the handling be quick on the caregiver side?
  • The reference information and testimonials published are based on the French experience but can be enriched by other French, European or worldwide experiences. Articles can be submitted in english !


You can also benefit from Catel’s support thanks to its consulting and engineering activity (for example, Catel is currently supporting the OOAS and the 15 countries of the CEDEAO region in their transition to digital health).

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