www.moncovid19.fr: a database of patient testimonies in the service of health memory

Little reminder: 98% of people infected with coronavirus recover. The digital health agency InAdvans had the idea of ​​this secure space for collecting online testimonials, free of charge, and meeting the regulatory requirements of data protection. Objective: to compile useful data for the individual and collective memory of the patients.

A multidisciplinary scientific committee supports the project and scientifically animates the platform.

Patients, at home or in the hospital, are invited to create a secure personal account, answer a short medical questionnaire and then post daily audio videos structured around their symptoms and the impact of the disease on their lives daily, until they heal.

Press release in French (including composition of the scientific committee): moncovid19 – V2 du 31032020

Site: https://moncovid19.fr/

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