The “Melody” telemedicine tele-ultrasound system

AdEchoTech develops the “Melody” telemedicine tele-ultrasound system, a telemedicine technique that allows an expert to perform an ultrasound on a distant patient (several hundred kms) under technical conditions and responsibilities very close to a conventional ultrasound.

This technique makes sense in the face of the challenge of combating the covid-19 virus, by allowing in equipped places to establish an additional barrier to the spread of the virus: either by protecting isolated patients (EPHAD, prisons, isolated centres …) by avoiding moving them, thus keeping them at a distance from the risks of contamination; either by allowing the expert to intervene and bring his expertise in remote locations to contaminated or un contaminated patients thus protecting the expert from possible contamination; finally, the Melody device also enables the mobilization and use of quarantine experts or the support of experts from other regions since they do not need to move.

Melody tele-ultrasound can be used in most ultrasound disciplines (abdominal, urological, pelvic, obstetrical, cardiological, thoracic, doppler…).


Contact: Philippe Homsi : [email protected]