10 Breast Cancer Screening Trucks on their way to Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabian Health Ministry has entrusted Toutenkamion with the realization of 10 mobile mammography units on semi-trailer trucks.

The trailers, with extraordinary dimensions – 2.75 m wide by 13 m long – were manufactured in just 10 months.
They will help increase breast cancer screening for the entire Saudi female population, by going to her.

Each mobile unit is made of a large waiting room – which can accommodate up to 7 patients – with a secretary, a pre-examination consultation room, a changing cabin, a fully sealed radiology room including a X-ray protected area dedicated to the operator, and a comfortable rest room for the medical team including a bathroom area.

They all feature an innovative, high-performance Fujifilm premium mammography solution – from the Amulet Innovality series – installed in record time at our Ladon site.

Thanks to its large-capacity water network and powerful generator, these mobile units allow users/medical teams to work independently for several days with rural populations far from major urban centres.

Beautiful carry out of a project initiated just 1 year ago and which benefited from the support and financing solution (supplier credit) offered by Bpifrance.

A project in partnership with Fujifilm and Bpifrance.

Virtual tour of the screening truck here.