Toutenkamion : a mobile pharmacy for Kuwait

ATC, Toutenkamion’s dealer in Kuwait, has invested in a mobile pharmacy and sold it shortly afterwards to one of its customers, a healthcare professional.

Itinerant, this pharmacy unit makes possible to meet inhabitants and to bring them a medicine sale service close to their homes.

In the context of the current pandemic, raging all over the world, it is all the more interesting and reassuring for the population that it is the pharmacy which is moving.

Manufactured very quickly (4 months), this mobile pharmacy of 9m² is composed of :

  • A desk, with space for a computer, printer and patient files.
  • Medicines storage drawers.
  • Storage designed for medical equipment (e.g. crutches).
  • Storage cabinets.
  • A medical refrigerator.

It must be noted that the air conditioning and refrigerator run continuously to avoid breaking the cold chain, which is essential, for example, for the conservation of vaccines and some medicines.

This pharmacy truck is autonomous thanks to its on-board generator and therefore can be parked at the desired location.