Launch of new training platform for healthcare professionals : My French Medical Training!

The new training platform of the French Healthcare Association brings the French doctors’ know-how to the world.

Making France a global hub for continuous medical education for healthcare professionals is the goal of the brand new platform, which lists all the trainings offered by hospitals throughout France. This new website is a unique showcase for hospitals (including university hospitals), cancer centres and private clinics to contribute to the prestige of medical expertise and to France’s influence abroad.

In line with its primary vocation, the association is launching today, Wednesday, October 14th, a complete platform that centralizes the offer of French hospitals, public and private, to welcome foreign doctors for medium and long term internships, ranging from Fellowship to Observation Internship to Specialized/In-depth Medical Education Degrees.

With the desire to be exhaustive, the platform already brings together training offers from leading players such as cancer centres (Institut Curie, Centre Léon Bérard), hospitals (Foch, Saint Joseph, Marie Lannelongue, Sainte Marguerite) and university degrees (University of Paris). In the coming weeks, the list of courses will be expanded to offer a complete overview of short and long-term courses.

The Invivox platform,  a startup from Bordeaux, specialised in the organization of international health training, will centralize the demands. In a constant search for a new viable and sustainable economic model, French hospitals will now benefit from this international showcase, providing new revenues and especially from exchanges with professionals from all over the world.

For centuries, France has played a key role in the medical training of foreign doctors. Companionship has resulted in the formation of foreign physician contingents. The PU-PH of public hospitals as well as the involvement of private hospitals ensure that France is world-renowned for the sharing of medical knowledge. Creating a platform of this type means bringing this typically French know-how into modernity,” explains Julien Delpech, founder of Invivox, Administrator of the French Healthcare Association and head of the “Medical Training” group.

“The promotion of French expertise in health, in its broadest sense, is how the French Healthcare Association exemplifies French excellence in health. The launch of is a new step in the concrete implementation of this vision. A website that will federate a community,” adds Jean-François Gendron, President of the association.

Download the press release: here