French medical imaging, a sector of the future!

On the occasion of the French Days of Radiology 2021, JFR PLUS, The French Healthcare association and its members involved in medical imaging are mobilizing to affirm the vigour and preponderance of the French imaging sector as well as to underline the support it needs to support this sector, source of jobs, added values and, above all, scientific excellence.

French medical imaging, a sector of the future!


A booming global market

The global medical imaging market is one of MedTech’s most dynamic segments. In 2015, it is valued at 35 billion euros with strong growth expected in the next decade (Source: Xerfi Study, Evaluate 2015). The Court of Auditors estimated the French market to be close to €1 billion in 2014. It is among the largest in the world.

France has internationally renowned companies and is a world reference in imaging with renowned French know-how and scientific excellence around the world. France is a showcase for medical imaging, with 8,885 doctors specializing in radiodiagnosis and medical imaging and nearly 33,500 electroradiology manipulators (Source: INSEE).

In 2018, France was the 6th largest exporter in the world (Source: GTA/IHS Markit) and exported 2 billion euros worth of medical, electromedical and electrotherapeutic irradiation equipment.


French Healthcare, a dynamic on the way

Launched by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, the French Healthcare brand has an international ambition: to promote the spread of French healthcare know-how and technologies.

The French Healthcare Association (, officially launched in January 2018, brings together companies, healthcare institutions, French research and training institutes that wish to actively participate in this collective dynamic and promote together their activities internationally.

Its members, from the start-up to the large group, reflect the diversity of the French healthcare ecosystem: public and private healthcare institutions, construction, architecture, hospital engineering, pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, medical devices, manufacturers of medical technologies, medical equipment, digital health actors, etc.

The diversity and quality of this network should make it possible to offer French responses to international markets involving multiple players.


Radiology professionals and world-renowned scientific societies

The year 2020 must be the starting point for the reindustrialization of medical imaging in France, it is essential that the players unite to promote the excellence of their know-how. This is why the Société Française de Radiologie (SFR) has been keen this year to support this fundamental movement, which can only be accentuated», stresses Pr Alain Luciani, President of the JFR.


So no, the medical imaging industry in France is not dead!

But YES to carry-on growing our business, we need support… COVID-19 is challenging all industries and medical imaging is on the front line whether it’s diagnosing or monitoring patients. When it comes to health sovereignty and relocation, the authorities must also focus their efforts on this sector, which needs only to be structured and helped to develop.

This sector is a source of employment, added values and, above all, scientific excellence. France has a formidable network of start-ups, SMEs, midcaps and large groups specialising in medical imaging, so let’s use them to create a structured dynamic that can meet the challenges of tomorrow.


Today, France has strong assets to develop new world champions in the field of medical imaging, a sector in which it excels historically. A large number of French companies, world leaders, bring their know-how to the international market:

DMS Imaging – Manufacturer of High-End Radiology and Bone Densitometer Solution – Leader in France, world-renowned manufacturer for Carestream – Canon and FujiFilm.

GUERBET – ETI, manufacturer of contrast media, medical devices and digital solutions for diagnostic and interventional imaging.

SONOSCANNER – French manufacturer of ultrasound devices in more than 45 countries, supported by emergency departments and EMS, radiologists and generalists to broaden the clinical approach.

STEPHANIX – A full range of medical imaging equipment, world-renowned French know-how and certified “Origine France Garantie” for its D²RS remote-controlled tables.

SURGIVISIO – Manufacturer of a unified intra-operative 2D & 3D X-ray imaging, navigation and robotics system for bone surgery.


With the massive introduction of artificial intelligence (AI), we are entering a new era. Compared to conventional systems, AI makes diagnosis faster, safer and more reliable. Innovative new AI-based medical imaging solutions will be on the market in the coming years. France is implementing an AI development support plan providing for the release of €1.5 billion. This plan, whose health is one of the priorities, will allow some companies to finalize new innovative projects.

AZMED – This is the first French company to obtain CE marking for AI software in radiology. Its ambition is to optimize the workflow of physicians to improve their performance and quality of care.

ESPRIMED– Solutions for improving image quality, radiation protection for professionals and patients, and training for imaging challenges of the future.

GLEAMER is the editor of BoneView, an AI that semi-automates the reading of traumatic X-rays, making radiologists more accurate and faster.

GUERBET – Develops a portfolio of AI solutions, particularly on diagnostic support for liver cancers.

Hera-MI – Breast-SlimView Editor, an AI-based breast cancer diagnostic aid software. Our software is CE certified and will be FDA certified by the end of 2020.

INCEPTO is a provider and co-creator of artificial intelligence solutions in the field of medical imaging accessible via a single, integrated platform.

MILVUE – Artificial Intelligence for Radiology and Emergencies. CE 2A certified trauma and thorax solution.


Finally, France has a large number of MedTech companies whose activity is related to medical imaging and which have developed innovative solutions in their respective sectors (software, disinfection, etc.):

GERMITEC – UV-C High Level Disinfection Solution for Ultrasound Probes

INTRASENSE has developed Myrian®, a medical imaging software platform for patient diagnosis, decision-making and therapeutic follow-up

MEDECOM – Has been developing software solutions for radiology and mammography for 20 years. Present in more than 40 countries, “we hope to contribute to the international reputation of French companies working in medical imaging”.

Not forgetting to mention the financial engineering actors who accompany the health actors.

VERSO HEALTHCARE – Supports healthcare stakeholders in the deployment, optimization, availability and safety of their technical platforms in France, Benelux, Italy and Switzerland.


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