MesVaccins – Beyond the French digital vaccination card

Since 2010, SYADEM has been developing and operating the immunization information system Its most visible part is the digital vaccination card freely available to all French citizens and providing them with a complete, precise, and justified vaccination status diagnosis. Today, almost one million such vaccination cards are open, and the solution is supported by health professionals through their practice and representative organizations.

To continue its development, SYADEM decided to diversify its offer, both functionally and geographically. It will launch in 2021 new releases of its platform components to support this new orientation.

The functional diversification consists in extending its decision support engine to other areas of prevention beyond vaccination, starting with screening.

The geographical diversification consists in transposing to other countries. This implies to adapt to their national immunization policy, to the organisation of their health system, to the languages and cultures for the recommendation messages delivered to citizens and health professionals.

SYADEM has prepared these diversifications through 2020, with such projects as:

  • Its participation to the Vaccine-EU consortium, mandated by the European Commission to deliver options and recommendations for an EU citizen’s vaccination card. In this frame we analysed the characteristics and standards for the existing and planned digital vaccination cards for 27 countries. We propose a modular, distributed architecture to preserve the autonomy of each country in its vaccination digital support while facilitating the circulation of citizens across countries.
  • The setup of a multilingual terminology server for the unified vaccines nomenclature (named NUVA) elaborated by SYADEM, incorporating the vaccine designations found in existing vaccination cards, regardless of the country or period.
  • The redesign of the decision support system, with three goals:
    • Support of various prevention domains (including vaccination), and within a given domain of local policies and localized recommendations.
    • The possibility for medical experts of several countries to collaborate securely, with an automated workflow for test and validation of rules before their release.
    • The exposition of its services through standardized APIs, to allow existing or new information systems to benefit from the recommendation services while keeping locally the management of personal and medical data.
  • The implementation of an open-source vaccination cards repository, providing a user portal, assisted input of vaccination history, the storing and sharing of vaccination cards across citizens and professionals, and using the decision support system to get the vaccination status diagnosis. This tool will be freely available to anyone wishing to use it to implement a vaccination card service for a given population.
  • The definition for synchronization protocols across vaccination cards repositories held by citizens, professionals, enterprises, and institutions, either within an instance of the open source or an already existing system, such as the existing national immunization registries.

These components will be distributed in 2021 to support partnerships will all public or private entities wishing to implement or operate a smart vaccination card.

For more info, please contact François KAAG :
[email protected] – 07 66 44 43 46

Syadem is a member of French Healthcare Association