Alaxione continues to develop its digital offer to optimize care

ALAXIONE continues to develop and strengthen its digital offer to optimize care and communication paths between healthcare professionals and patients. The integration of new hospitals into our user portfolio ensures that we now have expertise in more than 40 medical and surgical specialties.

Specialties with specific practice requirements, such as medical imaging and anesthesiology, have benefited from the deployment of specific new functionalities that are fully adapted and agile.

These developments enable us to face the national and international market with powerful and innovative solutions and broad ambitions for growth.

Our Abidjan branch, under the responsibility of Jérémie Djizo ([email protected]), is operational this quarter. It enables us to address the Ivorian market and that of the entire WAEMU. A large number of contacts have expressed strong interest in our solution, which will very quickly equip public hospitals, private clinics and healthcare professionals in the city. Contacts are underway with local distributors and we benefit from the support of Business France, the CCI France in Côte d’Ivoire and the economic services of the French Embassy.

In Southern Europe, and particularly in Spain, our partnership with Sprinboard 35 allows us to integrate into the national ecosystem of e-health technologies and to work on implementation contracts.

The Covid vaccination campaign has led us to design efficient tools for managing the vaccination course which can be adapted to the different national and local practices.

Please contact Serge Zaluski for any further information [email protected]

Alaxione is a member of French Healthcare Association