Support for the implementation of Digital Health Master Plans

The Covid-19 crisis will help accelerate the deployment of Digital Health projects. This development, made possible by public funding among other things, must not result in a pile-up of e-health projects without overall coherence. Healthcare institutions, local authorities and companies invested in the well-being and health of their customers are at the forefront of these challenges and will have to structure their approach to improve operational efficiency and service quality.

Catel offers to assist you in auditing your Digital Health projects and in defining a Digital Health Master Plan that fits into your organisation’s overall strategy. We rely on a robust approach, widely tested through our references, which will help you define concrete actions to support your transformation.

Accompaniment of the teams through a range of training courses conducted with Health Professionals and Experts.

The relevance of the use of Telemedicine in times of pandemic is no longer to be demonstrated, as its benefits are numerous, particularly in terms of maintaining patient care and follow-up despite the confinement. For many health professionals, this period has resulted in an “on-the-job” discovery of a remote medical practice. Good practices and the limits of remote consultation cannot be invented, and a framework of recommendations by speciality, based on cross-experience feedback, is necessary.

In light of these observations, Catel and its community of independent experts have created short training programmes, enabling healthcare professionals to integrate Telemedicine (Tele-consultation, Telecare, Tele-expertise) into their daily activities. This knowledge of the right practices according to the patient’s situation helps to optimise their care or follow-up.

These certified training courses (Datadock / Qualiopi) are provided by Catel experts and healthcare professionals, and are based on educational content developed with the help of learned societies (such as the French Society of General Medicine – SFMG, the French Association of Dieticians and Nutritionists – AFDN, the French and Francophone Society of Wounds and Healing – SFFPC, the French Society of Vascular Medicine – SFMV, the French Society of Pressure Sores – SFE, the Nursing and Executive Training Committee – CEFIEC).

Who is Catel?

Catel, the e-Health Resource and Expertise Centre, works transversely to promote and develop digital health in France and internationally. Our network brings together the main multidisciplinary players in the field, the result of more than 20 years of privileged relations with this complex ecosystem. We support our partners at every stage of their development in the field of e-health: strategic advice, methodological and operational support, as well as information, training and networking.

Recognised for our ability to listen to and understand your concerns, our teams will be able to provide you with personalised support to help you implement concrete and directly operational responses.

Please contact Pierre TRAINEAU, CEO of Catel for further information– [email protected], +33 (0) 2 97 68 14 03

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