VIKTOR, the smart cushion that turns TV into a communication tool

Detection and prediction of activity patterns
Detecting activity, understanding and analyzing deviations, making the best use of the information extracted from sensors with tailor-made algorithms: this is an essential prerequisite for the development of decision-making solutions for individuals.

-> First problem: maintain or recreate a natural social link through digital health technologies. We are looking for a way to maintain the digital link between the elderly and their entourage: essentially his family, but also caregivers, caregivers and leisure or well-being professionals, better equipped and regular users of connected objects.

-> Second problem: facilitate the monitoring of the activities of the person and around the person. Beyond that, it is necessary to ensure digital monitoring of activities that affect the elderly, whether it is to see and encourage their own activities or to know and organize support and care activities.

-> Third problem: having powerful digital tools that are transparent, ergonomic and intuitive. These two issues, the link and the follow-up, cannot be explored without a solution that respects the ergo-cognitive characteristics specific to the elderly, so as to adapt digital technologies to their capacities and their uses – to produce a tailor-made product. intuitive and natural.

Fall detection
The smart cushion automatically triggers the alarm when a fall is detected.

Patient geolocation Allows to prevent the unexpected exits of residents within a defined perimeter. Stay mobile!

Wireless nurse call
Call deferral on corridor or office display, smartphone, pager, telephone, DECT. Trigger via the Viktor cushion.

Individual Visio Station: VISIO-Therapy according to Fingertips
Each cushion is equipped with the Viktor S.I.V.4.0 device and equipped with a High Definition webcam to achieve:
– Visio assistance
– Visio consultation
– Visio medicine
– Visio benevolence UV4L protocol, HADS standard hosting. HD Camera

FINGERTIPS is a member of French Healthacare Association