Invivox : Health – the necessary fast digitalisation offers new perspectives

Like the majority of players in the healthcare sector in 2020, Invivox had to digitalize itself through coercion. This is a development that has been envisaged but which has been greatly accelerated by the crisis, and which has nevertheless enabled us to become, in a few months, the leader in our field: that of the dissemination of knowledge among health professionals. But most importantly, this change provided new perspectives for 2021 and highlighted the usefulness of our sector. Our initial conviction is confirmed: the sharing of knowledge is the future of health.

Adapting to survive was our choice when, last March, the containment associated with the Covid19 wave paralyzed our country.

The professionals to whom we proposed – with increasing success – our solution for organising face-to-face training naturally turned to the core of their job: saving lives. As I told my teams solemnly in mid-March: «we are a bakery without bread» since our face-to-face training could no longer take place. Seeing an opportunity in this stroke of fate was far from obvious to us. However, we made the radical decision to reinvent ourselves so as not to fall on the battlefield of the Covid19. With a solid reputation in the medical community and owners of a unique database of French and international health professionals, we chose to put ourselves – otherwise – at their service. This is how we switched in a single week in total digital to offer a platform for sharing knowledge online and this in a free way. Henceforth, healthcare professionals could exchange with their colleagues on the other side of the world on a problem that has now become universal: how to fight against Covid19?

This rapid digitalisation has continued and distance courses at Invivox represented 90% of the total in 2020 compared to 5% in 2019. Our new value proposition has attracted more than 42,000 learners in France, Europe and the world via more than 2,000 trainings offered on the Invivox platform. At the end of 2020, we even became the leading on-line platform for sharing knowledge between health actors in France. Our ambition has now taken on an international scale and we aspire to become the leading market place at European level in the field of knowledge sharing between caregivers in order to make our continent a true “hub” for the dissemination and democratization of medical knowledge.

Beyond the necessary digitalisation, this crisis has taught us one essential thing that strengthens our raison d’être: the sharing of knowledge is the future of medicine. It is no longer a question of sharing THE truth, but a truth, an experience, and of benefiting the medical community as a whole. Universal keys and ready-made solutions do not exist

Peer-to-peer knowledge sharing is the future of Health

What is lft from 2020? First of all, reinforced teams within Invivox with the hiring of young people entering the labour market. A team rewarded for having weathered this storm by sticking together and believing in the project more than anything. The distribution at the end of December of BSPCE (shares of the company) to all Invivox employees reinforced this sense of belonging. The renewed confidence of our shareholders who have supported our radical but necessary decisions. And finally, a conviction for 2021: the acceleration of the digitization of the health sector opens the way to a new type of medicine, more open to sharing, for the benefit of all patients.

Finally, the Chinese are right! Crisis in Chinese, is a word formed of two characters, the first meaning “danger”, the second meaning “opportunity”.

Julien Delpech : [email protected]
CEO Invivox

INVIVOX is a member of French Healthcare Association