Installation of the Sonoscanner T-lite Equipment in the clinic of Kropynytsky, Ukrain.

Doctors of the Main Regional Hospital in Kropyvnytsky can now save their patients’ lives with the help of T-lite, the latest achievement of French engineering. T-lite, a specialized ultrasound system produced by the leading French ultrasound equipment manufacturer Sonoscanner, is employed in Anethesiology and Intensive Care Units worldwide. Superior visualization and wide functionality are now available to the specialists of this clinic in Kropynytsky. We are deeply grateful to Sonoscanner for their dedication in supplying life-saving equipment to doctors in this region so that Ukraine is fully prepared to meet the third wave of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Before this installation of T-Lite in Kropivnitskiy City, the “Western- Ukrainian Forum of Ultrasound in Intensive Care Departments in the Covid Era” for doctors and specialists in the Prykarpattya region of Western Ukraine, took place. The forum was organized thanks to Taras Maslyak, the chief of the Main Ivano-Frankivsk City Clinic, who equipped the T-Lite Ultrasound System in his clinic’s Intensive Care Department. The Main Ivano-Frankivsk City Clinic is the leading clinic, and one of the largest and most progressive of its kind, in Western Ukraine.

During the three-day forum, more than 100 doctors were educated on Fast and Lung Protocols and Interventional Methods under ultrasound control. We also provided interviews to local media outlets during the course of the three days.