Fighting malaria in Djibouti: QISTA, a young French company, is launching its own entomology laboratory

Facing the worrying development of malaria on this territory, the National Office for Water and Sanitation in Djibouti (ONEAD), called upon QISTAs expertise to determine why the disease is dramatically increasing and persisting in the area. Their “QISTA lab” took up the challenge and has been carrying out a diagnosis of the entire city of Djibouti since early March.

Aiming at supporting local authorities’ decision-making process in their fight against vector-borne diseases, QISTA, which already conceived an award-winning and booming environmentally friendly mosquito control solution, is thereby adding a further competence to its pool of technological skills. The company is launching its own molecular parasitology and entomology lab called QISTA Lab, to decode the way of life of the mosquitos caught, to identify and target their breeding places, and reckon the risk of vector-borne diseases.

This novelty is embodied through a first study carried out in Djibouti since March, jointl coordinated by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, the ONEAD andDjibouti’s National Program to Fight Malaria (PNLP). The QISTA Lab is mapping mosquitos’ breeding places and conducts surveys on mosquito larvae in the capital city, in order to, in the coming months, make a diagnosis of the reasons why vector-borne diseases are skyrocketing in the country.

Indeed, as all eyes are on the Covid-19 pandemic, mosquito-borne diseases (malaria, dengue, zika, chikungunya…) are deadlier, causing every year – and it has been the case for a longtime – at least 830,000 deaths in the world.

Press release:

About Techno BAM and QISTA
Founded in 2014 and located in Aix-en-Provence (South of France), Techno BAM is specialised in eco-friendly
mosquito control solutions and prevention of mosquito-borne diseases. The company currently employs about forty
staff and generated a turnover of 3.9 million euros in 2020. Launched by Pierre Bellagambi and Simon Lillamand,
the company designed QISTA, an eco-friendly mosquito-control solution consisting in traps that catch mosquitos,
thereby protecting against mosquito bites and monitoring mosquito populations, to prevent mosquito-borne
diseases. Air Liquide, France Industrie and TDH (Thierry Dassault Holding) entered the group’s capital in 2017. In
2018, QISTA was awarded a prize at the CES in Las Vegas. QISTA operates today in more than 50 towns in 13
countries, with a total of more than 5,500 traps.

To know more about QISTA:, @qista_technobam and @Qistamosquito.
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