Re-inventing oncology through French Healthcare excellence

On June 9th, ahead of the Arab Health Conference and on the Arab Health Online platform, we had the pleasure to propose an exceptional round table, bringing together members of French Healthcare Association around the topic: “RE-INVENTING ONCOLOGY THROUGH FRENCH HEALTHCARE EXCELLENCE

➡️ The replay in now available here :

Our brilliant speakers have put French innovations in the spotlight. Indeed, France stands out worldwide thanks to its efficient and innovative health solutions to fight against cancer, covering a wide range of activities, in research, pharma, biotech, medtech and digital health, but also because of the quality of management offered by its cancer centres, presenting one of the best cancer cure rates in the world.

Discover or re-discover this round table of exciting exchanges with committed French speakers, at the service of the fight against cancer.

👉🏻 Guilia Petrarulo, project manager Unicancer

Speakers :
👉🏻 Dr. Pierre Anhoury, Director of International Relations at the Curie institute
👉🏻 Prof. Jean-Yves Blay, President of Unicancer (French Federation of Cancer Centers)
👉🏻 Serge Bonnetier, Director of International Development at Hospital Foch
👉🏻 Prof. Nikos Paragios, CEO of TheraPanacea
👉🏻Nicolas Reymond, CEO of Intrasense