French Healthcare Association creates a new working group: “Access to export markets: From registration to distribution of healthcare products.”

As part of its mission to support companies in their export development, the French Healthcare Association is creating a new working group focusing on market access, thereby reinforcing the service offered to members by proposing practical and operational content targeting key countries.

The seminars will be divided into three parts, dealing with regulatory issues, registration, pricing, reimbursement and distribution. The seminars will be led by local actors, key witnesses, and specialists in regulatory issues. These seminars aim to provide members of the association with the information they will need to approach new markets, but also with tools, resources, contacts and the opportunity to benefit from feedback from other members who have had previous experience in the area.

The 3 parts of these seminars will take place over one trimester and will be developed as follows:

  • Part 1: Decrypting the zone

Webinar presentation of the ecosystem, the market, the opportunities, the public health plans and any other relevant element… Introductions to the main steps necessary for exporting to a zone, by country specialists and health product approval.

  • Part 2: Knowledge support

Practical guidance and presentation of available tools and resources. Session of targeted technical questions and answers.

  • Part 3: Feedback and operational advice

In a friendly atmosphere, members will be able to benefit from the feedback of other members and consolidate a group to continue the exchanges, share experiences, pool their approaches and open up mentoring opportunities.

This working group was initiated under the responsibility of a prefiguration committee bringing together Sanofi, Servier, Thuasne, LEEM and SNITEM and will be led by Pierre Savart.

To better understand which areas of the world and which elements you would like to focus on, we suggest that you participate in a short survey to better coordinate the first steps of this new working group.