Quantiq concludes a partnership in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Some encounters are obvious. The ones where we share from the very first day. The ones where we share the same values. The ones where we build. This was the case when Father Paul Bulyalugo met Alain Habra, CEO of Quantiq, over three years ago.

Since then, Quantiq has expanded and Paul has built an orphanage for more than 700 pupils in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In DRC, medical deserts are a difficult reality.

In France and in all the countries that need it, we must fight against medical deserts. This was Quantiq’s ambition from day one. Today, this ambition is becoming a reality with Paul Bulyalogo by developing local partnerships, trials in the field and co-construction with all the medical professionals involved. We intend to lay the foundations for this by facilitating preventive monitoring and contact-free diagnosis for children, students and their parents, who are often several hours away from the nearest hospital.