BoneView was awarded the e-Health Award in the category Big Data / AI

BoneView is an artificial intelligence (AI) solution developed by GLEAMER, intended to provide preliminary data for diagnosis on standard radiography. This medical device received the e-Health Award in the Big Data / AI category at the e-Health Awards 2021.

While the number of imaging exams has doubled in 10 years, the number of radiologists has only increased by 20%, leading to an overload of work for radiologists, and therefore to diagnostic errors.
In this context, Boneview is an AI solution that helps detect anomalies on standard X-rays. With Boneview, radiologists and clinicians reduce interpretation errors while saving time. The goal is to offer a very high level of quality and safety of care, for everyone and at all times!

BoneView AI provides radiologists and ED doctors with an instant and automatic 2nd reading of trauma X-Rays fully tintegrated in the reading workflow.

The BoneView AI system was trained on 60,170 radiographs obtained from trauma patients. Between 2016 and 2018, 600 adult patients took part in the study. Six radiologists and six emergency physicians were asked to detect and localise fractures with and without the help of BoneView software. Sensitivity, specificity, and reading times with and without assistance were compared after averaging the performance of each reader. AI assistance improved physician sensitivity per patient by 12% (and 22% for patients with multiple fractures), and specificity by 5%; it also reduced the average number of false positives per patient by 42% in patients without fractures and the average reading time by 15%. Finally, the stand‐alone performance of a newer version of the AI system was superior to that of all unassisted readers, including osteoarticular expert radiologists.

GLEMER state: “The help of AI improves the diagnostic performance of radiologists and emergency physicians, which will allow better patient management from their first imaging examination. Among the expected consequences, the help of AI should allow to improve the specificity of the complementary exams prescribed after the radiography, to avoid delays in care, and to direct patients into the right therapeutic pathway.”

Congratulations to Gleamer for this achievement!

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