FSE GROUP supplies medical equipment to hospitals in Kenya

FSE GROUP is implementing a project in Kenya for the improvement of mother and child health and in response to the health crisis linked to COVID 19.

The Minister of Finance of Kenya, Mr. Ukur Yatani, and the Ambassador of France to Kenya, Mrs. Aline Kuster-Ménager, signed the financial protocol providing for the granting of a Treasury loan to Kenya for a total amount of € 33 million, intended to support a project in the hospital health sector focusing on two components: maternal and child health and the response to the Covid 19 pandemic.

Through this financial support, France wishes to show its active solidarity with the Kenyan government and people, Kenya being one of France’s most important partners in Africa.

FSE GROUP (France) and Medionics (Kenya) are the two companies selected by the Kenyan Ministry of Health with the agreement of the General Directorate of the Treasury; they will carry out the installation, commissioning and maintenance of the equipment, under the supervision of the Kenyan Ministry of Health. They will also train hospital staff involved in the operation and maintenance of the installed equipment.

Together, they are strengthening the capacities of the Moï Reference University Hospital (MTRH) of Eldoret (north-west of the country) in maternal and child specialties, in order to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality rates. The project aims to provide state-of-the-art equipment in maternal, neonatal, premature and pediatric care, and to train nursing staff on site. Equipment and training will involve two hospitals within MTRH, Shoe4Africa and Riley, as well as six district hospitals in the region.

They have also started installing equipment in response to the COVID-19 crisis. As part of this project, they are equipping 28 hospitals across the country, to enable them to offer treatment adapted to critical cases of Covid-19.

France will provide resuscitation equipment, respirators and ventilators as well as medical oxygen generators.

For the supply and commissioning of medical equipment, which will mobilize a large number of French companies in the sector, a medical training program will also be set up in partnership with AP-HP International.

We are proud of our members for carrying out such an ambitious project in Kenya!

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